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Counterbalance forklifts are the most common truck forklifts and are used for a variety of different purposes. You’ll find counterbalance forklift jobs in settings such as in warehouses, retail or construction sites. Counterbalance forklifts offer fairly straightforward operations and consist of dual forks at the front that lift and transport loads and pallets. A counterbalance forklift operator is responsible for the day to day operations of the forklifts, generally within a warehouse environment or for construction purposes.

what counterbalance jobs entail

If you work in a counterbalance job, you will be responsible for the operation of counterbalance forklift machinery to lift and transport loads. This job will involve regularly sitting in a powered industrial truck. You may need to be certified in counterbalance forklift operation, depending on the province you live in. To work in a counterbalance job, you must also be able to lift at least 50 pounds or more and be physically fit. If you work in a warehouse or in construction in this job, you will usually report to a supervisor or manager and will often be required to work shifts and overtime during busy seasons.

average forklift driver salaries

In Canada, counterbalance forklift jobs have an average hourly wage of $17 per hour. This works out to approximately $39,500 per year. Once you have attained on the job experience and skills, you can see your wages as a counterbalance forklift operator rise up to $25 per hour, or $63,000 annually.

your day to day tasks

If you decide to work in a counterbalance forklift operator job, you can expect some of your day-to-day tasks to involve:

  • operating a forklift
  • assisting stockers as needed
  • moving loads and pallets
  • loading and unloading goods from vehicles such as trucks
  • transporting merchandise to be shipped or received
  • stacking goods in storage bays
  • performing daily equipment checks on all forklift equipment

where you can work

If you are interested in a counterbalance forklift operator job, you will find employment opportunities in a variety of different places, mainly warehouses, retail and in construction. Any organization that uses forklifts will require trained individuals to operate them in a safe and professional manner.

what you bring to the table

Due to the fact that a forklift is classified as heavy equipment, the workers that operate them need to be responsible, trained and professional. The following are some of the skills the qualities that employers seek when hiring counterbalance operators:

  • self-motivated and disciplined
  • must have a forklift license (some employers will pay for your training)
  • excellent communication skills
  • experience working in a warehouse environment
  • ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs
  • training and certifications
  • To work in a counterbalance forklift operator job, employers generally require a minimum of a high a school diploma or equivalent. While education is not always required, obtaining a counterbalance forklift certification is considered an asset by many
  • employers. Many employers will also train you on operating a counterbalance forklift, and help you achieve your certification.

where your career is headed

Without the knowledge and skills of forklift operators, many retailers, warehouses and construction facilities would be hard pressed to remain competitive within their respective markets. Working as a counterbalance forklift operator is far from a mundane task and can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career. Counterbalance forklift jobs can expose you to many aspects of business and can lead to supervisory or management positions, such as warehouse supervisor or shipping and receiving manager.

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