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As a customer service supervisor, you oversee the customer service team, assist with customer complaints, and coordinate with other customer service professionals to ensure the customer service team is following protocol and providing great service. The role of customer service supervisor is a common role customer service professionals take on as their career evolves.

what customer service supervisor jobs entail

Customer service supervisors usually work a standard 40-hour week. Depending on who your employer is, you may be required to work evenings and weekends. Hours are often flexible and you may be assigned to a specific shift, product, type of service, or team. You report to a customer service manager, and your time will be split working in the office, training and coaching, and working directly with the service team.

average customer service supervisor salaries

The average annual salary for customer service supervisors in Canada is approximately $45,000. If you are new to the position, you can expect a starting salary of at least $30,000. With experience, you can make up to $55,000 or more. Having experience in the position is a key factor in determining your salary. Many companies offer bonuses, commission, and other incentives, which can increase your annual salary.

your day to day tasks

As a customer service supervisor, you oversee operations of the customer service team. You ensure your team performs to the best of their abilities. Your daily tasks may include things like:

  • ensuring performance metrics are met
  • assessing team performance and generating reports
  • delegating tasks
  • helping the service team as required
  • training and coaching
  • assisting with hiring and recruitment
  • handling customer complaints

where you can work

service supervisors are required by any company that has a customer service team. This role is common in retail, hospitality, public sector and government, sales and marketing, manufacturing and many other customer-focused industries. Customer service supervisor roles are available in cities across the country, providing ample opportunities, especially in regions with a large commerce presence such as the Greater Toronto Area.

what you bring to the table

As a supervisor, you need experience in customer service and leadership abilities. Companies look for:

  • exceptional communication
  • training and coaching experience
  • sales experience
  • interpersonal skills
  • experience in customer service
  • people and team management skills

training and certifications

Education requirements vary from company to company. Having a college diploma or university degree will give you an advantage over other candidates when competing for supervisor roles. Overall, most companies fill these positions with people who have experience in customer service, a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and are dedicated. Most companies provide required training upon being hired. Customer service related certifications and training is an asset.

where your career is headed

Experienced customer service supervisors have a number of career options to consider. While many choose to stay in the role for an extended period of time, many move on to more advanced customer service roles or related career paths such as administrative assistant, various roles in human resources, retail store management positions, and customer service management roles. With increased emphasis on customer service, careers in this area are promising for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking to take the next step in your customer service career, contact Randstad Canada today to learn more about your available options. We can help you find a position that is ideal for your skills and experience level.

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