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In this role, you’ll communicate electronically and on the phone with computer and technology users to solve and document their problems.

Help desk technicians serve customers over the phone, chat, or email. They develop in-depth knowledge and enjoy becoming experts on the details of their products and services. They’re generally good at trouble-shooting and experience a great deal of satisfaction from solving people’s technical problems. They support all kinds of industries, from software and hardware manufacturers to retailers, by helping customers and staff members understand how to use their products, services and technologies.

average help desk salaries

There are various titles and levels of expertise in help desk jobs and your salary will depend on the technical requirements of the job. Depending on these requirements, your experience and location, you will earn between $37,000 and $63,000 a year as a help desk technician, specialist or analyst. The average help desk salary is about $44,000 per year.

The entry level for a help desk job is a junior or Tier 1 help desk technician. At the entry level, your salary will be at the low end of this range. Some jobs pay an hourly rate of about $18 to $22 per hour. Once you have more knowledge and experience under your belt, you can advance into intermediate and senior help desk jobs in Tier 2 and 3.

what help desk jobs entail

In a help desk job, you may work in a call centre with other agents using sophisticated phone and computer systems. Alternatively, you may work onsite at an office or place of business, serving employees who run into technical issues.

Many call centres operate on a 24-7 basis, so your hours can be varied. You’ll occupy a workstation and spend most of your time on your phone or computer. In some help desk jobs, you’ll occasionally visit your customer’s work site to perform repairs or provide training. Some internet-based help desk jobs rely on email or chat functions and skip the phone system entirely. In either case, since customers need help any time of the day or night, you might work on a rotating shift.

The help desk can be a stressful place to work, dealing with the volume of incoming calls and the occasionally difficult customer. You’ll report to a team leader, coordinator, or supervisor and need to know the protocol for escalating challenging calls.

your day to day tasks

If you're looking for a way to combine your technical knowlegde with your customer service skills, a help desk job offers the best of both worlds.

In a help desk role, you’ll support internal or external clients to solve their technical problems related to computer hardware, software or other products. On any given day, you could be involved in the following activities:

  • preparing or testing scripts in anticipation of new user questions
  • reading incident reports and responding to clients by phone, chat or email
  • advising clients about how to resolve or avoid technical problems
  • troubleshooting help desk tickets and escalating them if required
  • logging tickets in a help desk system and documenting the steps taken
  • consulting user guides and manuals to solve technical problems
  • updating user guides and manuals
  • providing feedback to development teams and making
  • recommendations for redesigning products or services

where you can work

If you’re considering a help desk job, there’s great news for you: the outlook for help desk staff is good, with the number of positions increasing significantly over the next few years due to growth in the computer and technology industries.

Help desk staff are hired wherever there are computers and technology users who need support, training and problem solving. This bodes well for job seekers across Canada. Most help desk jobs are found in large metropolitan areas in industries such as computer systems design, telecommunications, public administration, retail, finance, education and manufacturing.

what you bring to the table

In a help desk job, you’ll apply all your powers of multi-tasking, decision-making, diplomacy, and product expertise to be successful in your role. The challenges of a help desk job can be very rewarding, particularly if you enjoy helping people.

If you have technical knowledge or experience with a document management system that explains how to use products or services, you'll have an edge when applying for help desk jobs. The following are all beneficial to have:

  • superior oral and written communication skills
  • customer service, diplomacy, and interpersonal skills
  • patience and a natural desire to help others
  • analytical skills with proficiency in computers, software and IT systems
  • ability to deliver clear and concise information
  • ability to discuss complex problems in plain language
  • a sense of urgency in resolving of issues and meeting deadlines
  • detail-orientation and the ability to see what’s missing
  • organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and juggle multiple tasks
  • experience with word processing, spreadsheet, email, and database software

training and certifications

If you have a deep knowledge and love of technology and an aptitude for communication and customer service, you might qualify for a help desk job at the entry level without any specific degree or certification. Most employers will require a high school diploma, however you can stand out as an expert and compete for promotions or transfers by completing a degree or college program in computer science, information technology or network administration.

To propel your career forward, you may consider taking certification courses. For example, A+ Certification can help you prepare for the knowledge needed to diagnose, repair, upgrade and maintain computers. You might also be interested in software certifications from top technology companies like Microsoft, Cisco or Apple, who provide training and certification for their specific products and systems.

where your career is headed

A help desk job can be a launch pad for anyone interested in a rewarding career in technology. With the right training and several years of experience in a help desk job, opportunities can open up in other technology jobs.

By learning new skills and the different facets of business, you can progress into related fields like computer programming, network operations, web development, systems testing or information systems analysis. You can also become a team leader, help desk supervisor, customer service manager, or call centre manager.

As you reflect back on your career, you’ll appreciate the business acumen you developed while working on a help desk. You’ll recognize the important role you played in improving the efficiency of operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and protecting your organization’s image. You’ll be proud of the customer service and technical skills you acquired in your help desk job, and enjoy the respect you receive as a technical professional with specialized knowledge.

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