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Data architects are database masters. Your role involves building, optimizing, and maintaining database models. You will need a keen understanding of how your organization uses data and how to align data use to support overall company goals and objectives. You will ensure sensitive company information is kept safe and secure, while being readily accessible to those who need it internally. If you have the experience in data management and are looking to take the next step in your career, consider applying for data architect jobs in Canada.

what data architect jobs entail

Data architects work in an office setting and spend the bulk of their time working on a computer and with computer databases. Your office hours will depend on the company you work for. Expect to work some overtime and possibly weekends to meet deadlines or when completing projects. Some travel may be required to meet with vendors, clients and attend industry conferences. Working in a team environment, you will report to a project lead or IT manager. Other job details will vary based on the company structure and priorities.

average data architect salaries in canada

Data architects working in Canada can expect an average annual salary of approximately $100,000 per year. With minimal experience, you can expect a starting salary around $80,000 annually. The top end of the salary range for data architects reaches close to $140,000. Experience in database architecture can help increase your earning potential. Performance bonuses and employee benefits are commonly part of your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

Data architects ensure database solutions are operating effectively and assisting with strategic objectives related to data storage. Your role may involve:

  • working with decision makers to align database solutions with company needs
  • installing and configuring database solutions
  • assessing the need for new solutions
  • troubleshoot issues
  • training other staff on database systems
  • creating data security and information backup protocols

where you can work

While data architects traditionally work for technology companies or organizations that provide data and technology services to organizations in all industries, many larger organizations are now hiring data architects in-house as part of their IT departments. Positions are available in regions with a large business and technology presence, such as Toronto, GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

what you bring to the table

Data architects have a specialized skill set that is deeply rooted in data management. Data architect jobs often require experience as a data analyst or data scientist. Employers will look for experience with:

  • database architecture
  • information storage
  • data mining and segmentation
  • oracle and SQL
  • data modeling
  • big data
  • designing databases
  • data integration

training and certifications

Data architects are required to have a degree in computer science, computer engineering, database management, or other related fields of study. Database and computer software certifications are an asset. Many data architects have the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. Most companies are looking for candidates with experience and proven results, making internships and industry experience desirable. Continuous training, skill development and certification is part of your career development.

where your career is headed

Since the role is so specialised, and quite high paying, many data architects choose to work in the IT field for a number of years. It takes a certian level of skill and understanding to prepare for the role. Over time, you may move on to other similar roles as a data scientist, data modeler, business intelligence, and database developer.

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