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about being a drafter

Drafters work closely with companies in construction, production, and manufacturing. Your main objective is to remove design issues by creating a visual representation using a variety of software tools and programs. If you are creative, have an academic background in design, engineering or production, and are interested in pursuing a career in this area, please contact Randstad Canada to explore your career options.

what drafter jobs entail

As a drafter, you will work closely with engineers and design teams to create concepts and visual representations of consumer goods, buildings and many other products. You will work through all stages of the design process. Most of your time will be spend creating, designing and editing blueprints and mock-ups using design software. You will work long hours, especially leading up to deadlines and product launches. Meetings with clients and some travel may be part of your job. In most cases, you will report to a lead engineer, drafting manager, or project lead.

average drafter salaries

The average annual salary for drafters working in the engineering field is about $55,000 per year. The starting rate is approximately $45,000 annually. With experience, you can expect to make up to $85,000. Experience working with Autodesk and AutoCAD can boost your earning potential. Bonuses, profit sharing and employee benefits may also be included in your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

A day in the life of an engineering drafter can vary significantly. Your priorities will shift a lot based on the project you are working on and the design phase. Some of your tasks may include:

  • taking part in production meetings
  • collaborating with engineers, designers, and project managers
  • consulting with engineers and architects to verify project specifications
  • ensuring designs meet building codes and regulations
  • drafting product sketches
  • converting designs into technical drawings
  • verifying design measurements
  • identifying and troubleshooting design issues
  • creating product models using CAD software

where you can work

Drafters are required by many types of organizations, and you can find career opportunities with companies that engage in product, building or industrial processes. Most commonly you will be able to find positions with car manufacturers, utility companies, architectural firms, construction companies, and engineering companies. With opportunities across multiple industries, there are positions available in cities across Canada. Cities with a larger business and manufacturing presence offer more positions. However, competition will also be strong for these positions.

what you bring to the table

Drafter is a creative position, and organizations will expect you have a creative mindset. You will also need computer and data management skills. Other skills that could help you get ahead include:

  • sketching and artistic skill
  • an eye for detail
  • crtical thinking and problem solving
  • ability to understand complex design concepts
  • math, science and computer skills
  • experience with design software and AutoCAD

training and certifications

Hiring companies require drafters to have a two-year college diploma in drafting. Some companies require a bachelor’s degree in drafting, engineering, computer sciences, design or other related fields. Candidates can further their education and add to their credentials by getting drafting design certification. While this is not required by all companies, it will give you an advantage over other job candidates who are not certified.

where your career is headed

Drafters tend to work in their role for the long term. With many different types of drafting jobs, many choose to work on a variety of drafting projects. Some drafters specialize in a particular industry. Others take on more advanced roles in drafting, such as drafting supervisor or drafting manager for engineering firms. The industry remains steady.

Are you new to drafting and looking to get your foot in the door? Looking to make a career move? Contact Randstad Canada today to learn about available drafting jobs in your area.

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