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Executive assistant jobs can vary from company to company. This is why most executive assistants typically have a wide range skills and abilities. Top performers in these roles are effective communicators, extremely organized, focused and can work well under stressful timelines and situations. Currently, there are more than 1,000 executive assistant jobs in Vancouver. This is down slightly more than 2% since 2007. With the job market shrinking somewhat, it’s important for candidates to highlight skills and abilities that will propel them to the top of the candidate list for hiring companies.

executive assistant salaries in Vancouver

Much like their roles, executive assistant salaries in Vancouver can vary greatly based on your level of experience, the type of companies you work for, and many other factors. Here are the current salary ranges for executive assistant jobs in Vancouver:

Entry level salary: $51,300 - $62,800
Intermediate salary: $57,100 - $69,900
Senior salary: $62,600 - $76,600

top industries for executive assistants in Vancouver

Executive assistants typically work within a business environment. However, there are also many jobs at all levels of government, within the financial industry, and many other industries. If you are looking for executive assistant jobs in Vancouver currently, here are the top industries to focus your efforts:

  1. Management of companies
  2. Federal services
  3. Financial investment activities
  4. Business, professional, labour organizations
  5. Depository credit intermediation

in demand skills in Vancouver

Executive assistants need to be able to successfully navigate the executive landscape. They need to be exceptional communicators, be able to assist with many different tasks and help executives meet requirements. Increasingly, executive assistants are being required to have a variety of technology skills, and the current in demand skills for executive assistants in Vancouver reflects this trend:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Database software
  • Filing systems
  • Microsoft Office Visio

next steps for executive assistants

Executive assistant careers can take many different directions. Some stay within executive assistant roles, others take on jobs in human resources, business, or communications. With your diverse skill set, you will have many career paths to consider.

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