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The key tasks that are part of your job involve updating financial records, managing accounts receivable and payable, and being the first contact for customers and clients. Customer service also plays an important role in this position. If you believe you can help companies with their accounting practices, you have an education background in accounting and want to pursue a career in finance, this is a job worth considering.

what finance clerk jobs entail

Finance clerks work in a typical office environment. Depending on the company, you will work in the accounting or human resources department. You will spend most of your day working on a computer. You may be required to attend meetings related to your role. You can expect to work a standard 40-hour work week. In most cases, you will report to the finance manager or a more senior person in the finance department.

average finance clerk salaries

The average annual salary for a finance clerk in Canada is about $38,000 per year. On the low end of the salary scale, you can expect a starting salary of $32,000 for this position. At the top end, you can expect to make $50,000 per year or more. Performance bonuses and employee benefits may be included in your compensation package. Experience has a large impact on your earning potential for this role.

your day to day tasks

Bringing together a variety of skills and responsibilities, your main objective is to ensure accounting processes run effectively. Some of the tasks that will be included in your day-to-day responsibilities include the following:

  • process finance documents such as bills and receipts
  • ensure documents are properly filed
  • audit expense reports
  • verify the accuracy of financial documents and data
  • monitor company financial transactions
  • update records
  • follow up on discrepancies
  • communicate with vendors and customers
  • provide reports to accounting department

where you can work

Finance clerks typically work for larger companies or for accounting or finance firms. The role is required by companies in all industries. Most roles are found with finance companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and many other businesses. You can work in cities across the country. More opportunities are available in larger cities with a strong business presence and large financial sector.

what you bring to the table

Finance clerks need to have strong finance acumen, strong business skills, and have good interpersonal and communication skills to be successful. Here are some of the skills hiring companies will be looking for in candidates for this role:

  • knowledge of financial transactions
  • accounts receivabl
  • accounts payable
  • bookkeeping
  • payroll administration
  • understanding of finance and accounting regulations
  • well organized and strong time management skills
  • ability to work with sensitive files

training and certifications

As an entry level position in finance and accounting, most companies require that you have a high school diploma and a keen understanding of finance and accounting principles. However, some college experience or a diploma in accounting and finance will give you an advantage over other candidates. Proven experience as a finance clerk or similar role is an asset. Companies may also be willing to hire students working their way toward a finance or accounting degree.

where your career is headed

Finance clerks have a variety of career paths they could pursue. With the right education and training, you could move on to many different types of finance roles. Most finance clerks move on to a more specialized role, such as managing a particular accounting function like accounts payable. Some finance clerks move into HR or administrative roles. With a finance or accounting degree behind you, working your way up to the executive level over time is possible.

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