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You 'speak' a variety of different web-based programming languages (some of the most popular include PHP, HTML and CSS) and have a solid understanding of managing databases, servers, hosting, user experience and user interace (UX and UI), and sometimes even basic graphic design.

Your diverse web development skills make you incredibly in demand. In the last 5 years, the demand for full stack developers has skyrocketed as businesses seek out experts with the broad range of knowledge needed to effectively manage their web presence from end to end.

what full stack developer jobs entail

You work full-time in an office setting, though you may work from home, as your work can be done remotely. Though you work in an office, the culture and dress code may vary from laid back to professional, depending on your employer.

average full stack developer salaries

Like most tech jobs, full stack developer jobs pay extremely well, even at entry-level. As a full stack developer, you will comfortably make a starting salary of $65,000 or more. As this field is still fairly new and emerging, even a handful of years can greatly increase your earning potential. With 5+ years of full stack experience under your belt, your salary can climb into the 6 figure range.

Full stack developers are in demand across Canada, particularly in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Even Montreal has a relatively high demand for full stack developers, given that the tech job market tends to be softer in Quebec than the rest of the country.

your day to day tasks

As a full stack developer, no two work days look the same. You're expected to have a broad range of web development skills. You put your vast knowledge to use each day, completing tasks such as:

  • coding websites and web applications
  • cutting up web designs and converting them to code
  • analyzing website UX/UI and making improvements
  • checking browser compatibility and making updates
  • managing and setting up databases
  • testing and debugging websites
  • keeping up with coding languages and web development trends
  • maintaining or analyzing servers
  • programming or developing mobile solutions

where you can work

Full stack developer jobs are found in many different verticals, including information technology, banking and finance, manufacturing, government, healthcare and business, among others. Any company or organization that actively maintains a website (so almost all of them!) can use the skills of a full stack developer. You may also choose to freelance, or work for a web development agency.

Due to your broad skill set, you'll have no shortage of work opporutnities to choose from. Besides full stack developer jobs, you can also choose to specialize in front or back end development. The fierce competition to secure talented full stack developers has led to highly competitive salaries, particularly in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

what you bring to the table

The more experience you have with both front end and back end technologies, the more in-demand you’ll be. Some of the many skills you may be expected to have as a full stack developer include:

  • knowledge of commonly used web development languages (ex. PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript, etc.)
  • experience managing databases (SQL in particular)
  • understanding of cloud services and computing
  • understanding of protocols like IP, HTTP, FTP
  • understanding of mobile web solutions (ex. responsive design)
  • an eye for optimizing UX and UI
  • knowledge of server and hosting solutions
  • basic understanding of graphic design
This list is by no means inclusive. There are many other programs, languages, and skills that full stack developers will find valuable. Website development is constantly evolving and it's up to you to stay one step ahead of the trends and prove your value to employers.

training and certifications

Most full stack developer jobs require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or a related field. Though most full stack developer jobs will require a formal degree, coding experience may suffice in some cases. The vast majority of full stack developer jobs will require you to pass a test to verify your knowledge of key programs and languages.

You can also obtain numerous certifications that will set your application apart when applying for full stack developer jobs. Certifications that demonstrate your expertise in front-end coding languages or database management are worth considering as they may bump up your earning potential.

where your career is headed

As a full stack developer, your career trajectory largely depends on your career goals. Staying up-to-date with web development trends will ensure you stay busy and enjoy consistent pay raises. There is also opportunity for you to move into more managerial roles in your company's IT department, such as IT project manager or IT director.

You can also opt to build a career through freelance and contract work. Since your profession is in such high demand, there are plenty of opportunities that allow you to carve out a flourishing career as your own boss!

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