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You work in a large, complex organization where you’ll guide leaders and staff through business initiatives such as leadership development, changes in management, and talent acquisition and retention programs. You’ll coach, advise, and mentor business leaders on human resources issues, bringing original ideas to achieve your organization’s overall business objectives. As an HR business partner, you provide information about everything from employment laws to organizational development.

what HR business partner jobs entail

As an HR business partner, you’ll focus on internal customer support and constantly strive for excellence in process improvement and other initiatives developed in consultation with management. You have a knack for identifying missing processes and recommending corrective action that relates directly to goals, such as reducing sick leave, increasing revenue, or improving quality control.

average HR business partner salaries

Depending on your experience and location in Canada, you can earn between $60,000 and $100,000 a year as an HR business partner. If you have several years of experience, you’ll more likely earn closer to the top of this range. Average HR business partner salaries in Canada are about $70,000 per year. Those working in large metropolitan areas, such as Vancouver, Montréal, and Toronto usually earn more due to the high demand for qualified workers.

your day to day tasks

As an HR business partner, you are a trusted advisor and consultant who business leaders rely on to improve their effectiveness and strategic insight. You work on a variety of issues to promote a high-performance culture and support management in their mission. Your job could include:

  • planning and analyzing strategic plans and processes
  • developing policies and programs related to employee relations, performance management, progressive discipline, and training
  • coaching and advising management
  • addressing concerns and questions
  • managing conflict or change
  • facilitating meetings and training

where you can work

HR business partners are hired in progressive organizations that want to make continual improvement in their business objectives and human resources policies. You could find positions in growth industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, or almost any other sector.

The current outlook for job growth is positive for most industries with Ontario leading the way, followed by Manitoba, BC, and Québec. Qualified and experienced HR business partners can find jobs in the highest growth areas of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montréal.

what you bring to the table

You have an innate understanding of business, internal communications, and interpersonal situations in the workplace. You are able to see workplace realities from the perspective of all stakeholders. As an HR business partner, your skills include:

  • verbal and written communication
  • desire to work with people
  • interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • presentation and project management skills
  • ability to understand business goals
  • desire to contribute to business improvement
  • coaching, motivating, and mentoring managers & employees
  • experience creating and driving effective workplace initiatives, such as leadership development, employee relations, and talent retention programs

training and certifications

If you have a background as a human resources generalist or manager, you’ve likely already completed a post-secondary education in human resources management. You should also attain the nationally recognized level of achievement in Canada, which is Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). After several years of professional experience in human resources management, you should take additional courses to attain certification as an HR business partner.

Look for professional development programs that cover talent retention, change management, plus business financials and the way they are connected to employees and processes. Certification programs may be available part-time or delivered online through professional associations.

where your career is headed

Corporate programs and policies have become more complex, driving the need for experienced HR professionals. Many business leaders recognize the need for a trusted advisor to point out problems and provide solutions.

After several years as an HR business partner, you’ll become familiar with the intricate details of all business units and departments, giving you broad knowledge about your organization. Through your interactions and contributions, you could earn a seat at the management table. With the right certification, skills, knowledge, and experience, you could become a vice president of human resources or a chief HR officer.

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