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Industrial mechanics are highly skilled mechanics who have extensive knowledge in working with a large variety of machinery, motors, and industrial equipment. Your main role is to assist in the production process by performing regular maintenance and repairs on machinery and mechanical equipment.

You are the go-to person for issues with production lines, equipment, and other machines. As a result, you have a tendency to be a jack of all trades, have a knack for coming up with creative solutions, and may be required to work long hours to help keep operations running as efficiently as possible. A strong mechanical, technical, and computer acumen are highly desirable.

what industrial mechanic jobs entail

Industrial mechanics can work in a variety of settings. They mainly work with industrial companies and assist with production line equipment. You tend to work during normal business hours, however, shift work may be part of your role. You may also be required to work evenings and weekends, or be on call. You will report to a production supervisor, general manager, or production supervisor.

average industrial mechanic salaries

While your salary can vary based on your specific role and the organization for which you work, the average salary for industrial mechanics in Canada is just over $25 per hour, or approximately $52,000 annually.

If you are new to the position and have limited experience, you can expect a starting wage of about $17 per hour. However, with experience, you can make up to $35 per hour. You can increase your annual wage by taking advantage of overtime opportunities. They are common. Employee benefits may also be part of your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

When not performing regular maintenance, industrial mechanics may be involved in performance testing, and troubleshooting issues, or any of the following tasks:

  • daily machinery checks
  • cleaning and lubricating machinery
  • correcting issues with machinery
  • removing / replacing defective parts
  • installing new machinery
  • educating production workers about preventative maintenance
  • preparing maintenance reports
  • suggesting future repairs
  • ordering parts and supplies

where you can work

Industrial mechanics are required by any company involved with production, manufacturing, construction, and other industrial trades. While opportunities exist across the country, more opportunities exist in areas with a large industrial presence such as Ontario and Alberta.

what you bring to the table

Industrial mechanics are increasingly required to add new skills to their toolbox. With wide use of technology in combination with mechanics, you'll need a detailed understanding of both. Industrial mechanics should have:

  • strong manual dexterity
  • manufacturing fabrication experience
  • mechanical and technical skills
  • precision machining and welding
  • ability to interpret blueprints
  • physical strength and endurance
  • troubleshooting and problem solving
  • ability to work in a dynamic workplace

training and certifications

There are a few ways to become an industrial electrician. A high school education and fluency in English are usually required. Many also enroll in a college program at a trade school. As part of your education, you will complete an apprenticeship of four or five years, often in conjunction with courses in industrial electrical equipment.

Even entry level jobs require certification and training, as well as experience. Certification requirements vary by province. A Red Seal interprovincial trade certification equips an industrial electrician to work anywhere in the country, making it the most popular form of certification.

where your career is headed

With the right level of training and experience, industrial mechanics can go on to work as millwrights or related careers. You'll also have opportunities to work up to supervisory or management roles. Some industrial mechanics also choose to specialize in a specific type of machinery

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