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about inside sales representatives

Inside sales representatives are the workhorse of a modern sales team. Inside sales rep jobs require you to handle B2B and B2C calls. To excel at an inside sales representative job, you must be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the product or service you are selling, and able to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Using phones or other methods of communication, inside sales reps operate unscripted, generating leads, contacting clients, and closing sales. Inside sales representatives jobs usually require you to use CRM software and other technology to effectively manage clients.

what inside sales rep jobs entail

Inside sales representatives usually work standard hours in an office setting. Inside sales representative jobs require you to meet with clients over the phone and report to a senior official, such as a manager or director. While travel will not be expected or required, inside sales reps need to be ready to take an important sales call at any time.

inside sales representative salaries

Inside sales representatives are a highly skilled member of the sales team, meeting quotas and corporate objectives and closing high-value sales. As a result, they can expect to earn sizable salaries across Canada. On average, starting inside sales representatives can expect to earn $46,700 annually, while their senior counterparts earn typically earn around $61,200.

your day to day tasks

Inside sales representative jobs involve making cold calls on a daily basis and achieve regular quotas set out by corporate management. In addition to cold calls, inside sales representatives must be ready to take important sales calls with clients and be able to answer any and all questions they have about the product they are selling.

  • making phone calls
  • closing sales
  • familiarizing yourself with products
  • updating CRM software
  • providing technical assistance
  • occasional onsite visits
  • order processing

where you can work

Inside sales representatives jobs are available in numerous industries across Canada. Not limited to the corporate sector, many companies that offer consumer goods or services seek inside sales representatives for their in-house sales teams to better handle B2B sales and relations. Skilled sales representatives are quite sought after and shouldn’t have trouble finding work in any major Canadian city.

what you bring to the table

Inside sales representatives need to be ready, willing, and able to make important business calls and close sales at any given moment. They shoul ideally have:

  • sales experience
  • CRM experience & aptitude
  • IT experience
  • strong communication skills
  • positive & friendly attitude

training and certifications

Inside sales representatives will be provided the necessary product-specific training once hired, but otherwise are expected to have a variety of educational and training credentials. High school education is required as a minimum, but having a college or university diploma in marketing or business is a desirable asset. Technical certifications, such as experience with IBM products or Salesforce, will provide an advantage in the hiring process. Finally, having previous experience in the sales industry is an asset.

where your career is headed

Inside sales representatives are a sought after and central role in any sales team. Finding an inside sales representative job will help you hone your customer service skills and allow you develop experience with CRM and other sales-related software.

As you develop your experience and round out your skills further, you’ll develop a solid foundation with which you can move onto more senior opportunities. While in the short term, you should focus on being the best sales representative you can be, the future may present opportunity to attain a position with a managerial or directive component.

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