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As an inventory control specialist, you will focus on ensuring products move in and out of your company as efficiently as possible. You will be responsible for ensuring inventory numbers add up, deal with inventory discrepancies and work with team members to improve current practices.

You will be expected to deal with all aspects of the inventory management process. Health and safety, shipping and receiving, and other warehouse management and logistics considerations may also be part of your role. Previous experience in an inventory, supply chain or logistics role is an asset.

what inventory control jobs entail

Inventory control jobs involve a combination of physical work and office work. Your time may be split between an office and warehouse. In most cases, you’ll work in shifts, which could rotate. You will report to an inventory manager or warehouse manager and will likely be required to have experience operating a forklift. You may also be trained to use other machinery or inventory management programs.

average inventory control salaries

The average hourly salary for an inventory control professional in Canada is about $17 per hour. You can expect to make up to $25 per hour with experience. This works out to an annual salary range of $25,000 to $55,000. You may be able in increase your salary through profit sharing, performance incentives, and overtime hours. Additional training and education can also help increase your average annual salary.

your day to day tasks

As an inventory controller, you will have a series of responsibilities and roles with your primary function to ensure accurate and efficient management of inventory. Your day-to-day tasks may include the following:

  • improving overall warehouse efficiencies
  • shipping and receiving products
  • ensuring all inventory is properly accounted for and logged
  • using an inventory management system
  • identifying inventory that is damaged, shorted, or missing from orders
  • performing inventory audits
  • rotating stock
  • working with external vendors, drivers, and office staff
  • assisting with product recalls

where you can work

Inventory control professionals are required by any company that houses and distributes products to a large customer base. Positions are most commonly found in retail, manufacturing, and industrial companies. You can work directly for the company or for third party logistics and distribution companies in cities across Canada. Expect to find more opportunities in larger urban areas.

what you bring to the table

Inventory control jobs require that individuals have strong physical and customer service based skills. Required skills that are commonly required by hiring companies include the following:

  • math and data entry skills
  • a forklift license
  • experience using inventory management software to track inventory
  • able to work under tight deadlines
  • attention to detail
  • troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

training and certifications

Most companies will require inventory control employees to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Having experience working in a warehouse setting is also an asset. If you plan to move up in your career, an academic background in supply chain and logistics will help you get promoted quicker. Health and safety training is also an asset. Additional training or knowledge dealing with inventory management will give you an advantage over other candidates.

where your career is headed

Working in inventory control can open the door to a number of future roles and career opportunities. Many inventory control workers specialize in working within a particular industry or a specific type of product inventory.

Many others take a step up to inventory control manager, warehouse manager, or supply chain and logistics roles. Some move on to related roles in health and safety.

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