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Maintenance workers play an important role in ensuring business operations run smoothly. They take on many different roles, and depending on the company, they can work in many different environments – office, warehouse, production line, and even in the field. Successful maintenance workers have a diverse skill set, are innovative and are exceptional problem solvers. They are the glue that holds operations together when issues arise. You will have a keen ability to work with a variety of equipment, understand how they work and what is required to repair them – making you a jack of all trades.

what maintenance jobs entail

Maintenance workers tend to work shifts and can work full or part time. Some work standard 8-hour shifts while others work 12-hour shifts. Days, nights, and weekend work is common as maintenance needs could arise at any time. On-call work may also be a possibility. In most cases, you will report to a maintenance manager or facility manager, and you will be responsible for handling time sensitive repairs as well as regular maintenance duties.

average maintenance worker salaries

Average maintenance worker salaries in Canada vary based on the type of maintenance work you do and where you work. While some entry-level positions may start a little over minimum wage, at about $12 per hour, most full-time positions have a salary that ranges from $17 to $30 per hour or $35,000 to $60,000 annually. Your salary may also be dependent on your level of experience, or specialized forms of maintenance and environments you work in.

your day to day tasks

A maintenance worker’s day-to-day duties vary based on a number of factors: the shift they are on, the type of facility they work in, and whether or not they have a general or specialized role with the company. Common day-to-day tasks that can be included in your job description include:

  • inspection of property and equipment
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • addressing pressing and time sensitive maintenance issues
  • general cleaning and upkeep
  • logging maintenance and repairs
  • ordering and replenishing supplies
  • following health and safety protocols

where you can work

Maintenance workers can work for many different types of companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, property and building management, offices, schools, and government buildings, municipalities and more. Maintenance worker jobs are available in virtually every city across the country, however, there will be more opportunities in larger and more populated areas in the country, such as in southern Ontario, Alberta, BC and Quebec.

what you bring to the table

Successful maintenance workers have the ability to be a jack of all trades. They can repair and fix almost anything and are known to have a few tricks up their sleeve to make things work with ingenuity and innovation. Skills required in this profession include the following:

  • able to work with all types of tools
  • knowledge of maintenance protocols
  • good physical shape
  • able to make basic household repairs
  • innovative, able to think outside the box
  • able to interpret product manuals
  • able to effectively communicate
  • basic computer skills (email, filling out work orders, data entry, etc.)

training and certifications

Most maintenance worker positions require that you have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some may require a college diploma, especially for maintenance repair positions that require specialized knowledge and skills. What many companies are really interested in is your level of experience and ability to help them with all their maintenance needs.

For more specialized maintenance positions that require technical knowledge, additional education and training may be required. This may or may not be provided by your employer. Additional health and safety, heavy machinery, and supervisory certifications are an asset and can lead to higher pay and promotions.

where your career is headed

Maintenance workers will always be in demand by companies in many industries. Keeping operations running smoothly with minimal downtime is a key success factor. Many maintenance workers, after a number of years of experience, move into supervisory roles or specialize in a particular type of maintenance (e.g., heavy machinery, etc.) Some also move onto other similar roles within manufacturing.

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