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Marketing analysts play an important role in helping companies understand current marketing trends to support strategic development. Your main role is to find key information that will help all facets of the business make more informed decisions, specifically when it comes to sales, marketing, and advertising ventures. Areas of research could range from product research, competitive analysis, web analysis, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more traditional marketing avenues.

what marketing analyst jobs entails

Marketing analysts work in an office setting, during typical office hours. Your main role is to research data, market insights, trends, competitors, potential and existing customers, and current campaigns that can be used to maximize business strategies. You will typically report to a marketing manager, but you may also report to a manager in sales or IT, depending on your employer.

average marketing analyst salaries

The average annual salary for marketing analysts in Canada is approximately $50,000. If you are new to the industry, you can expect a starting salary in the $40,000 per year range. With experience, you can expect to make up to $70,000 annually. You may have the opportunity to earn more by working in cities with higher average salaries for this position such as Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, and Calgary.

your day to day tasks

Your day-to-day tasks will revolve around supporting current and upcoming marketing and business initiatives. Some of tasks you may be involved in:

  • identifying marketing and business opportunities
  • tracking / assessing campaigns
  • calculating ROI of a project
  • performing market research
  • creating and executing surveys 
  • gathering raw data for research
  • writing reports and summaries
  • assisting marketing and business development
  • generating analytics reports
  • creating, monitoring, and updating company databases and internal records
  • analyzing marketing campaigns

where you can work

Similar to other marketing and business related positions, marketing analysts can work in a variety of settings. You can work for large companies, government agencies, marketing companies, or even as an independent contractor. While location is becoming less of a factor – as many marketing professionals work remotely today – working in the large business sectors in Canada, such as the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver will provide you with more career opportunities today and in the future when you look to take another step in your career.

what you bring to the table

Marketing analysts are unique in the sense that they require a combination of marketing knowledge, business acumen, technology skills, research skills and statistical analysis skills. Here are some of the skill requirements for this position:

  • excellent research methods
  • critical thinking and analysis
  • ability to forecast marketing and business trends
  • able to interpret large data sets
  • experience with statistics programs
  • presentation and communication skills
  • ability to build analytical models
  • ability to perform competitive analysis
  • ability to translate data into actionable insights

training and certifications

Since a marketing analyst position is considered entry level in many companies, you will be expected to possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, mathematics, statistics, or other related areas.

You will be expected to have experience with research methods, statistics, and communications, and experience working in marketing or doing an internship in a similar position is an asset. Many candidates also do post graduate studies in the above areas of study, and take professional development courses to refine their skills and get training using a variety of analytics and statistics software programs.

where your career is headed

The job prospects for marketing analysts are positive. As companies place more emphasis on research and analytics, there is a need for professionals with marketing analyst skills and related skill sets.

Many marketing analysts move on to different careers in the marketing department. Others opt for marketing management positions such as marketing manager. There is also an opportunity to specialize in research and statistics and work for analytics and research firms as a researcher or big data analyst.

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