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everything to know about MIG welders

MIG welders specialize in gas metal arc welding, join metal parts together using a variety of welding tools, torches, and grinders. Skilled MIG welders have the ability to read complex schematics, blueprints and plans and are skilled at troubleshooting issues.

If you are good with your hands, are interested in working in a manufacturing environment and have experience with welding, this may be a viable career option for you. Contact Randstad Canada to learn more about MIG welding career opportunities in your area.

what MIG welder jobs entail

MIG welders work in a factory or warehouse setting. Expect to spend the bulk of your time at a workstation or working in different areas within an industrial setting. Safety is of the utmost importance. You will need to be physically fit and have good stamina. Most welders work shift work – which can be days, evenings, nights or weekends. Overtime hours are possible. In most cases, you will report to a shift supervisor or foreman.

average MIG welder salaries in canada

The average salary for a MIG welder in Canada is $20 per hour, or just under $42,000 per year. On the low end of the salary scale, you will make $16 per hour. At the top end of the salary scale, you can make more than $27 per hour, or approximately $56,000 per year. Performance bonuses and overtime hours can help increase your overall earning potential. Working in Alberta and the western provinces is associated with higher salaries due to the oil and gas industry.

your day to day tasks

As a MIG welder, your day-to-day tasks involve a combination of planning, executing tasks, checking your work and maintaining safety. Here are some of your responsibilities as a MIG welder:

  • measure and mark materials
  • cut metal using welding and machining tools
  • read production drawings and blueprints
  • maintain a safe working environment 
  • clean and conduct maintenance on welding equipment
  • assess weld quality and ensure it meets specifications
  • collaborate with other professionals

where you can work

MIG welders typically work in an industrial setting. You work in manufacturing or production settings, assisting from everything from product production, machine repairs, and more. MIG welders most commonly find work in areas with a large industrial sector, such as in Alberta or southwestern Ontario.

what you bring to the table

MIG welders are required to have a specialized skill set, in addition to having the physical abilities to do this demanding job. The skills and abilities hiring companies are looking for in candidates include the following:

  • physical dexterity
  • experience with welding and welding tools
  • stamina and the ability to work in a physically demanding workplace
  • exceptional attention to detail
  • ability to read blueprints
  • good communication skills
  • ability to work in a team environment
  • desire to improve skills and knowledge

Additional skills may be required based on the specifics of the position you are hired to do.

training and certifications

To become a MIG welder, you will need a combination of education, training, and experience. At a minimum, you are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Most companies today require that you have a college diploma or training at a vocational school in welding. You are also required to complete an apprenticeship and have MIG welding certification. Training and experience requirements can vary from company to company.

where your career is headed

After a number of years as a MIG welder, many move on to take other more traditional welding jobs. Some specialize as pipe welders or arc welders. Others specialize working with a particular product or industry.

Are you looking for MIG welder jobs? Working with Randstad Canada can help you gain access to MIG welding jobs across the country and within your area. Contact us today to boost your job search.

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