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Programming and coding are increasingly necessary components for medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises who need developers to help create software for their operations. As a company’s needs evolve, so do the programming requirements, adding to the importance of the role.

Developers and programmers who know the .net framework and hold the credentials and abilities to carry out tasks required by the employer are poised to succeed in this job market.

what .net developer jobs entail

As a .net developer, you can work in a variety of industries, especially with Windows-based operating systems still prevalent in workplaces. .net developer usually work full-time, though project-based contract work isn’t uncommon. You most likely will report to upper management in the IT department, or management staff overseeing a particular project you're working on.

average .net developer salaries

Software developer jobs tend to start at $55,000 for the first year, but salaries do tend to climb faster for .net developers who may be more specialized in most Canadian markets. After five years of experience, a six-figure salary becomes a very real possibility, if not a certainty, depending on the level of expertise.

These jobs are in very high demand in Alberta and B.C., though demand is robust across major markets for specialized software developers. Starting salaries may be slightly lower in Montreal and Quebec City.

your day to day tasks

As a .net developer, you help organizations create software specific to their operations, or manage, repair and improve existing applications. You are part of a wider team working on different layers of these applications, coordinating with them to develop solutions your employer needs. Some of your daily tasks will include:

  • creating and managing databases
  • creating new software applications
  • managing and improving existing applications
  • collaborating and coordinating with a team of other software specialists and programmers
  • handling large amounts of important data
  • learning about different .net programming languages to help where necessary
  • reporting coding progress and conducting tests to ensure compliance and stability

where you can work

Different types of organizations and enterprises in Canada have a need for .net developers. Any company with an IT staff requiring programming skills may be looking to fill positions for developing and managing applications. These can include banks, offices, technology firms and production studios.
The growing IT sector throughout Canada has opened up opportunities for specialists like .net developers to find good jobs.

what you bring to the table

.net developers tend to have certifications, training, and experience commensurate with their salary. Rather than start out in another IT role, .net developers learn to code in the different languages in a post-secondary program. Others may have a mixed skill set of academic and self-taught experience to prepare for the job market. Experienced .net developers are in greater demand, particularly if they have a coding specialty. Skills that are transferable across .net developer jobs:

  • knowledge of Hadoop, Apache Spark and big data tools
  • coding skills; you are adept at working with code
  • practical knowledge of HTML, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and other programming languages
  • you have the patience and temperament to work in a trial-and-error environment
  • you can manage and work with a lot of data
  • you’re able to work under deadlines
  • you’re able to communicate and collaborate with others
  • you take a logical and methodical approach to development

training and certifications

With .net developer programs not always available in post-secondary institutions, computer programming and coding programs may lay the foundation. Most .net developer jobs require a degree or diploma from accredited institutions. These can also include schools issuing certificates for specialized training.

As .net developer programs may be limited to certain programming languages, multiple certifications may be required for certain roles. Coding tests for prospective jobs may also indicate competence to an employer’s satisfaction.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) is one designation for creating applications built with different frameworks and technologies. More experienced .net developers may have passed the exams required to hold such a certificate.

where your career is headed

The future looks bright for .net developers because of emerging technologies. The .net framework continues to evolve, and the needs of organizations will evolve along with it. More companies need programmers to help them keep up with compliance standards and the needs of the markets they serve.

Keeping up with .net’s own development is critical to improving your skills as a developer and gaining an edge. You may need to continue earning certifications moving forward to grow your competency and make you a candidate for promotion.


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