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about office administrators

Office administrators play an important administrative role in any company, acting as a key organizer and communicator for the organization. Office administrators need to be very well organized, keeping track of their fellow employees, company clients, sales, and other information.

They may be tasked with planning and updating the company calendar, and making suggestions to improve company policy. By making sure that all the company records are well organized and that fellow employees are where they need to be, office administrators play a key role in maintaining a productive and punctual office space.

what office administrator jobs entail

Office administrator jobs typically require you to work standard full-time hours in an office setting. This means showing up to work five days a week for standard office hours, usually 9 to 5. Office administrators typically report to an office manager or other senior leadership. Office administrators are expected to thoroughly catalog company documentation and ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

office administrator salaries in canada

Office administrator salaries often range from $40,300 to $56,000, although especially senior and experienced administers can expect to be paid more. Salaries will be dependent on candidate experience, years spent with the company, what city you are working in, and the size of the company you work for.

your day to day tasks

Office administrator jobs revolve around keeping track of company and employee records, responding to client inquiries and issues, and ensuring that company activities on a daily basis meet long-term objectives and strategy. Tasks may include:

  • complete and review documentation
  • ensure accurate invoicing
  • follow up with clients
  • prepare special reports
  • manage orders/requests
  • review and modify company policy
  • maintain files/records
  • act as first contact with clients/visitors
  • communicate through email, mail, phone, face-to-face, etc.
  • manage calendar, booking and events
  • oversee and track of budgets

where you can work

Office administrator jobs are fairly common and can be found across Canada in all major cities, and in any city with some form of office-based industry. Office administrators may work for any company that has an office or corporate element. Management and consulting firms, medical facilities, and real estate agencies are just a few of the industries that fill office administrator jobs, among many others.

what you bring to the table

Above all else, office administrators need to be well-organized and focused individuals who can manage and keep track of daily affairs and tasks. Skills needed for office administrator jobs include:

  • verbal & written communication skills
  • extremely well organized
  • highly motivated and focused
  • highly retentive memory
  • able to work well with minimal supervision
  • attention to detail
  • able to maintain confidential information
  • proactive: can anticipate issues and address them

training and certifications

Office administrators need to have their high school education at a minimum, although having a post-secondary diploma in a relevant field (such as business) is preferable. Office administrators must have experience or certifications using office software such as Microsoft Office, as it is used on a daily basis in the role. Finally, having prior experience as an office clerk or similar role is ideal, as office administrators build on many of the skills used in that role.

where your career is headed

Office administrators may be considered the logical advancement from office clerks or similar roles, as they make use of similar skills. Office administrators can expect to be assigned more responsibilities the longer they work in the role, potentially advancing to a role as an office manager or another similar job. Office administrators are in demand in all major Canadian cities and the role is open to any skilled candidate with a background in office support or administration.

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