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Office assistant jobs typically involve fulfilling organizational and clerical duties in support of the main office staff. Office assistants organize files, schedule appointments and events, write simple copy, interact with clients, in addition to many other tasks. Furthermore, they are often tasked with general office duties and errands. Office assistant jobs are considered an entry-level office position, ideal for someone early in their career with minimal experience.

what office assistant jobs entail

Office assistant jobs involve standard full-time hours in an office setting. This entails showing up Monday to Friday and working standard hours, usually 9 to 5. Office assistants typically report to an office manager or director and are expected to perform regular duties in addition to whatever tasks come up from day to day.

office assistant salaries in canada

Office assistant jobs, in spite of being quite entry-level and requiring few specific skills, are fairly well-paying across Canada. The average starting salary for office assistant jobs is around $31,100 per year. More experienced office assistants can expect to earn around $42,400 per year. However, many office assistants quickly move into other office jobs that pay more as their career progresses.

your day to day tasks

Office assistants are expected to take on a wide variety of tasks around the office, namely helping with administration and communication objectives. In addition, office assistants will be expected to take on varying minor duties on a daily basis.

  • assist with day-to-day office operations
  • prepare sales, shipping, and banking documents
  • keep up to date computer records
  • follow up with clients over requests
  • coordinate pickups and deliveries
  • perform accounting and expense reports
  • maintain office supply inventories
  • phone and email correspondence
  • file documents
  • maintain spreadsheets
  • maintain calendars and schedules

where you can work

Offices assistants are in demand in across Canada with a variety of employers. Office assistants jobs are available at almost any company with some sort of corporate office. Management and consultation firms, import/export services, and food services are just a handful of the industries currently seeking office assistants. While the majority of office assistant jobs are found in the business sector, there are plenty of jobs to be found across other sectors.

what you bring to the table

Office assistants need soft-skills more than hard skills. Office assistant jobs are typically entry-level and require little previous experience. You’ll learn on the job. Some basic skills needed in office assistant jobs include:

  • proficiency with microsoft office suite
  • organizational, interpersonal, and multitasking skills
  • able to work under pressure and for deadlines
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • highly motivated and focused
  • high attention to detail

training and certifications

Office assistant jobs require at least a high school education, but university or college-level credentials are often expected. Being able to use Microsoft Office or similar software is important, as you’ll be using it on a daily basis. Finally, having some prior experience in a business setting is preferred and helpful, but not always expected.

where your career is headed

Office assistants occupy an entry-level role within a business’ structure. Further career development is really up to you. Furthering your education or training could allow you take on a more senior role over time in just about any professional field of your choosing, ranging from marketing, to accounting, to sales to human resources. If you find that you are best suited to work in office administration, a role as a receptionist or secretary, or perhaps as an office clerk could be for you. Becoming an executive assistant or administrative assistant is also an option that will likely increase your salary.

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