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Pipefitters, along with related occupations such as steamfitters and sprinkler system installers, lay out, fabricate, and maintain piping systems used to carry steam, water, fuel, and chemicals from one location to another. As a result, you are required to have a variety of building and construction skills and be well versed with a variety of tools such as saws, torches, pipe threaders, benders, and welders.

Pipefitters are always in demand for residential, commercial, and industrial jobs and are a skilled trade that is required for plumbing, welding, and manufacturing jobs.

what pipefitter jobs entail

Pipefitters assemble, fabricate, test, maintain, and repair pipelines that carry water, steam, fuel, or chemicals for heating, cooling, lubricating, or other processes. You may be required to work offsite or on various job sites to complete client building projects. Pipefitters tend to work full-time hours in an industrial setting such as a factory or construction site.

average pipefitter salaries

Pipefitter salaries in Canada vary widely based on your experience, position, location, and other factors. The average pipefitter salary in Canada is approximately $32 per hour, which is about $80,000 annually.

If you are new to the industry, you can expect a starting salary of about $20-$22 per hour. Those with 10 or more years of experience can make up to $45 per hour or more. There is also ample opportunity to make additional money through overtime, incentives, and bonuses.

your day to day work

Pipefitters, along with related occupations such as steamfitters, gasfitters, plan activities in an office, but most of their work is on a job site. Pipefitters take the installation of piping systems from cost estimate to blueprint to installation and testing. Some of the common tasks you can expect on the job include:

  • planning piping system layouts
  • installations or repairs of piping systems according to specifications
  • modifying, cleaning, and maintaining pipe systems and related equipment
  • removing or replacing worn components
  • inspection of work sites to ensure structural integrity

where you can work

Pipefitters tend to work for utility companies, gas plants, or steam generating plants. In fact, over 80% of pipefitters work in manufacturing, construction, mining, and oil and gas extraction. Therefore, there is demand for positions in the manufacturing regions in Ontario such as Windsor and Hamilton as well as in the oil fields in Alberta.

what you bring to the table

Pipefitters are trained workers who install and maintain piping systems. Pipefitters have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to interpret and execute complex instructions. Skills required in this profession include:

  • physical strength and endurance
  • mechanical aptitude
  • ability to read and follow instructions
  • attention to detail
  • aptitude for safety
  • critical thinking and problem solving

training and certifications

Pipefitters need a high school diploma and completion of a four or five year apprenticeship program or a blend of work experience and college or trade school coursework in the field. Most companies require experience as a pre-requisite for hiring. Therefore, college internships are an important part of your education.

Certification in most provinces is compulsory for many specialties. By studying and passing a test for the interprovincial Red Seal, workers will be able to apply for jobs throughout Canada. Many jobs require proficiency in English, French or both. You may also have to complete additional training or certifications.

where your career is headed

After a number of years of service, pipefitters tend to move into supervisor positions or into more complex installation and maintenance jobs that involve handling gases and chemicals. Opportunities for office positions are also possible. Some become independent contractors or focus their career on specific pipefitting applications.

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