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Production supervisor jobs entail presiding over the manufacture of products, ensuring that safety codes are followed, that quality standards are achieved, and that production quotas are met. Production supervisors play a key role observing and reporting on the manufacturing process, helping plan and monitor output and inventory, as well as appraising final product quality. Production supervisor jobs involve observing production methods and developing and implementing cost reductions, in addition to compiling reports on performance for future analysis. Production supervisors also play a key role as team leaders, making sure that other employees know their roles and that their work is in compliance with company safety codes.

what production supervisor jobs entail

Production supervisors work on-site at plants or facilities where goods are manufactured. They may occasionally be tasked with reporting to a company’s office to present their observations to senior management. Otherwise, production supervisors spend the majority of their time ensuring that all production elements are functioning properly and that company objectives are being met. Production supervisors may be in charge of a facility or report to a senior leader such as a production, operations or plant manager. Some production supervisor jobs require you to work standard Monday to Friday schedules, but many positions work at irregular times and throughout the week. Having a flexible schedule and being able to work on short-notice are important to many production supervisor jobs.

production supervisor salaries in canada

Production supervisor jobs may be paid on an hourly basis, but given the seniority of the role, they are paid substantially more than other industrial support jobs. Your salary as a production supervisor may depend on your level of experience or seniority within the company. Average starting salaries begin at around $36.40 per hour, while at the high-end, salaries are around $51.00 per hour. This works out to about $75,000 on the low-end, or over $100,000 on the high-end.

your day to day tasks

Production supervisor jobs come with substantial responsibilities. As a production supervisor, you are tasked with making sure that your facility’s production line operates smoothly and that company objectives are being met. As a production supervisor, you:

  • monitor workflow, ensure progress
  • create and implement cost-reductions
  • ensure machinery is repaired/upgraded
  • create a safe and positive work environment
  • report on production performance
  • recruit, select, and train staff
  • communicate job and safety expectations
  • observe control points and equipment
  • plan, monitor, and appraise products

where you can work

The manufacturing sector is largest employer of production supervisors, and any city with a high volume of industrial production will have a demand for production supervisors. This means Ontario and Quebec, which account for 70% of Canada’s manufacturing output, are home to the most job opportunities. Some industries that are hiring production supervisors include the mining industry, aircraft production, furniture manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing.

what you bring to the table

  • experience with similar roles
  • commitment to creating a safe work environment
  • ability to rapidly react to changes in situation
  • able to address safety hazards and concerns
  • excellent reading and writing skills
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • managerial abilities
  • aptitude with mechanical equipment

training and certifications

Production supervisor jobs are senior leadership roles that come with high-level responsibilities and expectations. Production supervisors are typically expected to have a post-secondary degree in a relevant field of study. In some positions, engineering certification and credentials are required. Certifications in workplace health and safety codes are expected, as you will be in charge of the wellbeing of other production workers. Having an understanding of union rules and regulations will typically be expected. Finally, having first aid training is often a plus. Production supervisors are leaders in the manufacturing workplace, and are expected to be reliable and knowledgeable, and able to help their coworkers in any situation.

where your career is headed

Production supervisors are one of the most senior leadership roles in a manufacturing setting. This is a high-level position, and years of experience are required before you will be considered for the role. Over time, production supervisors may be promoted to senior production jobs such as production, operations or plant managers, once they have demonstrated an expert understanding of the facility and company for which they work for. Production supervisors are in charge of the facilities they oversee, and ensure that the workplace is safe and productive.

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