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Programmers are expected to be familiar with numerous computer languages, frameworks and tools, such as Java, C, .net and SQL. Depending on the type of programmer job you take, different coding knowledge will be required. Working either individually or part of a team, programmers ensure the software they work on functions as intended and is bug-free. Programmer jobs are typically considered a tier lower than software developer jobs, however some people use the terms interchangeably.

what programmer jobs entail

Programmers typically work for a single employer on assigned projects to fulfill company objectives. You will be expected to attend meetings and offer feedback and insights on how to proceed with IT projects. Your level of experience may dictate how much freedom you have when working on projects. You will typically work regular hours from Monday to Friday, though these days many software companies offer flexible scheduling to attract the best tech workers, like programmers. You may also be expected to work additional hours depending on the urgency of your projects.

average programmer salaries in canada

Programmers at all levels are paid well across Canada. Whether working on software or web-development, programmers can expect to earn a respectable salary that will only increase with seniority. Starting programmer salaries are typically around $63,000 per year in Canada, while more senior programmers earn around $105,100 per year.

your day to day tasks

Programmers work on software projects, writing code, testing it, and ensuring there are no errors. Tasks at programmer jobs can include:

  • programing software, apps, websites etc.
  • performing regular maintenance on software
  • troubleshooting and fixing issues
  • debugging code
  • conducting quality-control
  • creating quality reports
  • attending project meetings
  • making suggestions to improve software

where you can work

Programmer jobs are typically found in the technologies industry.  The majority of programmer jobs are found in software development, though other companies also need dedicated and skilled programmers, ensuring programmer jobs continue to be in demand across many industries.

Many corporate offices, medical companies, and others seek skilled programmers to maintain their internal software programs. Many programmers also choose to work for consulting companies, where they go out on various client assignments as their skills are called for.

what you bring to the table

  • proficiency reading and writing code
  • knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, C, C++, C#, java, javascript, .net and SQL
  • motivated and focused
  • disciplined and organized
  • attention to detail
  • can work under pressure and meet deadlines

training and certifications

Programmers are typically required to have a university or college degree in computer programming or a related IT field, in addition to at least 1 to 2 years of experience programming professionally. Learning additional computer languages and receiving a programming certification from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, or other well-known software companies will also make you more desirable to employers.

where your career is headed

Employers require programmers to make sure their software is optimized and functional. Programmers often become extremely familiar with their company’s goals and the software they are working on. Having a combination of experience and insight into your company’s goals will allow you to take on more senior programmer jobs within the team. You can eventually move onto more senior coding-related roles such as software developer, or even take on jobs with a supervisory component such as IT team lead or IT manager.

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