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about quality control technicians

Quality control technicians play an important role in making sure that commercial products and goods meet specifications set by the company, as well as legal standards. Quality control technicians are found in numerous industries. Depending on what sector you work in, you may perform chemical tests on products to ensure they meet quality standards, create documentation of your findings, and advise other team members and management of your findings. Quality control technicians ensure that products meet industry standards and exceed consumer expectations.

what quality control technician jobs entail

Quality control technicians typically work regular hours during the week, although they may be asked to stay on at night if a project requires their attention and work. Quality control technicians typically work in industrial or warehouse settings, depending on the product that is being tested and reviewed.

average repair technician salaries

Quality control technician salaries can vary depending on which industry the technician works for.  In general, the quality control technician jobs are well-paying. Average starting salaries for quality control technicians in Canada come out to around $18.2 an hour, while more experienced technicians earn around $23.7 an hour.

your day to day tasks

Quality control technicians perform tests on products on a daily basis, ensuring the latest production batches meet company standards and industry regulations. Specific tasks for quality control technicians may include:

  • ensuring equipment operates correctly
  • performing tests on products
  • maintaining testing equipment
  • maintaining records regarding certification
  • advising team about defects and issues
  • advising on how to improve products and correct deficiencies
  • operating in compliance with standards
  • inspecting and measuring products
  • reviewing documentation

where you can work

Numerous industries make use of quality control technicians; any industry that involves the production of consumer or industrial goods will need quality control technicians to ensure that the items produced meet standards. Any city with a strong industrial or manufacturing presence will have a demand for quality control technicians. The greater Toronto and Montreal areas account for approximately 70% of Canada’s manufacturing output, meaning these two cities will offer extensive opportunities for quality control technicians looking for work.

what you bring to the table

Quality control technicians need to be proficient at operating machinery, and be detail oriented. They must understand production processes and be able to anticipate and correct any and all deficiencies in products.

  • results-oriented
  • detail-oriented
  • good communication skills
  • analytical and retains records
  • knowledge of products and standards
  • mechanical aptitude; good with machines and equipment

training and certifications

Quality control technicians require at a minimum a high-school diploma. Employers prefer their technicians to have a college or bachelor's degree, however. Having technician credentials in the relevant field will also make you a desirable asset. 

Candidates are expected to be physical fit and apt with machinery. They must also be able to use Microsoft Office or similar software.

where your career is headed

Quality control technicians play a crucial role in ensuring that manufacturing standards are maintained and that product defects are avoided. There is certainly room for upward mobility in this profession. Quality control technicians who accrue experience and seniority might take on supervisor or manager roles on the production line. Eventually, with enough experience quality control technicians can advance to a top managerial roles such as plant manager or operations manager, where they have greater say over the standards the products should meet.

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