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In this hands-on role, your job is to assess and test products to ensure they meet certain criteria. You report your results and findings, and this information is then used to make improvements. The types of products you test and assess will depend on the hiring company. If you feel as though this is a good career for you, and you have an engineering degree and some experience in this area, contact Randstad Canada today to explore your career options.

what quality engineer jobs entail

Quality engineers typically work in test labs to run product tests. You will use a variety of testing and monitoring tools to assess the quality of a product. Part of your day may also be spent working in an office or computer lab setting, analyzing results and developing reports. You can expect to work normal office hours, however, overtime may be required to ensure product testing is complete prior to launch. Some travel may be required. You will typically report to a senior quality engineer.

average quality engineer salaries

The average annual salary for a quality engineer in Canada is just over $60,000 per year. Most new quality engineers can expect a starting salary in the $55,000 per year range. With experience, you can make up to $85,000 annually. Most companies offer employee benefits as part of your compensation package. The company you work for and the type of quality engineer you are will impact your earning potential.

your day to day tasks

As a quality engineer, you monitor, test, and analyze products to identify issues and develop solutions that will improve the product. Some of common day-to-day tasks include:

  • using defined statistical methods to assess products
  • determining how to improve the quality of products
  • identifying imperfections and design issues
  • verifying functionality
  • determining product longevity and potential vulnerabilities that could cause breakdowns
  • verifying properties suc as dimensions, strength, texture, and colour             
  • developing testing methodologies
  • collecting, analyzing and summarizing data

where you can work

Quality engineers work in a variety of industries and for companies of all sizes that design and manufacture products. You commonly will find quality engineer roles in manufacturing, design, construction, textiles, food, clothing, electronics and technology related fields. Due to the diversity of the occupation, positions are found across Canada, and the specific type of product you work with will determine the best location for jobs.

what you bring to the table

Quality engineers are analytical and have a keen eye for detail. You consistently identify and solve problems, helping to improve products. Skills required include:

  • problem solving
  • communication skills
  • knowledge of research methods and statistics
  • data and information analysis
  • knowledge of CAD software
  • prior quality control experience
  • experience using testing tools

training and certifications

To qualify to work as a quality engineer, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a focus on quality, industrial, or mechanical engineering. A master’s degree in quality assurance will give you an edge over other candidates. The Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) designation is an asset and may be required by hiring companies. Specific training and education may also be provided once you are hired.

where your career is headed

Quality engineering positions are stable and are expected to grow slightly over the next decade. Many quality engineers eventually specialize in a particular industry or type of product. There will be job opportunities in a variety of industries for quality engineers going forward.

Are you looking to break into the quality engineering field? Contact Randstad Canada today to kick start your job search.

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