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Receivers are important for organizations as they ensure that products arrive safely and efficiently, and are delivered to the correct person or department in a timely manner. If you work as a receiver, your role will be to receive products and supplies that are necessary to your organization and business operations. Receivers are also responsible for the tracking of incoming shipments, product locations, and the maintenance of a safe workspace. If you are successful in this job, it can lead to many other roles in the supply chain and logistics industry.

what receiving jobs entail

Receiving jobs generally require you to work in a warehouse or retail environment. If you choose to work in a receiving job, you can expect to do shift work during the day, evening or night. Overtime is often required and you may also be asked to work additional hours during busy seasons, such as during holidays. Receivers can expect to report to a shift supervisor or warehouse manager.

average receiving salaries

A person working a receiver job in Canada will earn an average salary of $16 per hour, which works out to about $34,000 per year. If you are just starting out in the role of receiver, you can expect to earn minimum wage as your starting salary. With years of experience added to your repertoire, you can increase your earnings to $20 per hour or more (or a total annual salary of about $42,000). You can also increase your earnings in this job by working additional hours and overtime.

your day to day tasks

The main duty of a receiver is to ensure that all products are kept track of properly as they enter the warehouse or retail space. Some of your other day to day tasks in ths job may include:

  • unloading, sorting and moving product shipments
  • examining shipments to ensure that are accurate and not damaged
  • conducting inventory spot checks
  • tracking down missing or incorrect orders
  • working with vendors to complete orders
  • ordering warehouse supplies

where you can work

If you work in a receiving job, you will generally find work in a warehouse environment in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and production. Any organizations with warehouses or storages facilities that ship and receive products will generally require receivers. There are opportunities all across Canada for receivers, however cities with a larger manufacturing and retail presence will require more receivers. Ontario and Quebec in particular are hubs for receiving jobs, because these two provinces account for 70% of Canada’s manufacturing output.

what you bring to the table

To work in a receiving job, you will need to have a strong grasp of the ins and outs of warehouse environments. You need to have a good grasp for technology and inventory tracking as it relates to receiving. Here are some of the key skills that employees value when looking to hire individuals for this job:

  • inventory management and control
  • forklift operations
  • attention to detail
  • communication skills
  • customer service skills
  • time management and organization
  • manual dexterity and ability to lift heavy items

training and certifications

To work in the role of receiver, the minimum educational requirement is generally a high school diploma, although some employers may require college or vocational training in a related field such as logistics. Additional training in warehouse workplace health and safety will also be an asset due to the majority of receiving jobs being present in a warehouse environment. It’s also beneficial to have experience with information systems and inventory management software as more and more receiving jobs require you to work with technology to complete the jobs.

where your career is headed

If you choose to work in a receiving job, there’s a lot of room for future growth in your career. Once you have gained experience in an entry level receiver job, you may move up to other warehouse jobs such as warehouse supervisor or manager, logistics supervisor, forklift operator, or other more specialized positions. Working as a receiver can lead the way to an ample and rewarding career.

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