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Repair technicians are expected to inspect, repair, and maintain equipment, verifying and testing that it works properly, performing regular maintenance to ensure that it stays top condition. Repair technicians can be found in numerous industries, including construction, auto-repair, and telecommunications. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of machinery, repair technicians have to maintain a pleasant attitude, particularly if their role is customer-facing, as they represent the company they work for when they go out to service equipment.

what repair technician jobs entail

Repair technicians may work onsite at a building or manufacturing plant, or they may be mobile, servicing clients and customers at their workplaces or homes. Repair technicians typically work during daylight hours, although there is a possibility of working irregular or night-time hours. Repair technicians are expected to positively represent the company they work for, in addition to using problem-solving skills and knowledge to repair equipment in a timely manner. Work may entail repairing, installing and maintaining equipment or machinery.

average repair technician salaries

Repair technicians are typically paid on an hourly basis, and are typically well-compensated for their work. Repair technicians just starting out in their careers can expect to earn around $24.7 per hour, depending on what industry they’re in. More experienced repair technicians who have stayed with the same company for a few years can expect to earn around $35.25 per hour, again, depending on experience and what industry they work in.

your day to day tasks

Repair technicians are expected above everything else to have a good understanding of the machinery they work with and are able to quickly deduce issues and solve them. Repair technician duties include:

  • responding to customer requests
  • inspecting, repairing, and installing equipment
  • performing regular maintenance
  • verifying equipment functionality
  • troubleshooting and answering questions regarding mechanical problems

where you can work

Repair technicians may be specially trained to work across numerous industries including industrial, construction, auto-repair, and telecommunications companies. Which one you decide to work for will ultimately determine what specific skills you need. Repair technicians can find work across the country, especially in urban centers such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver that have a strong manufacturing presence.

what you bring to the table

Repair technicians need to bring both technical skills and knowledge, as well as a problem-solving attitude to the job. Repair technicians must be able to assess problems, diagnose them, and fix them, in addition to knowing how to ensure the same problem doesn't repat itself.

  • customer service skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • ablility to install, repair, service, and maintain equipment
  • ablility to read and understand blueprints and plans
  • physically fit and able to lift heavy weights
  • ability to work individually and on a team

training and certifications

Repair technicians typically require at least a high school education, but in many positions, a college or university degree is required. Technical training or vocational training is desirable. Many positions will also require an understanding or certification of workplace safety.

Employers typically require at least 2 years of experience with installing and repairing similar equipment or machinery before hiring technicians. Learning more on the job will help secure experience and better position within the company.

where your career is headed

Repair technicians are in demand all over the country and can make a good living. Those that decide to stick with the industry and build on their skills can expect their wages to improve over time. Furthermore, repair technicians may opt to continue their training and take on a more senior or managerial role that involves overseeing other technicians with their company.

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