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The sales industry is an exciting field. It can be lucrative if you are good at it, and it can be challenging at the same time. Successful sales representatives have the desire to achieve, are great communicators, and are willing to go above and beyond to close the deal. If this sounds like you, then a sales career may be for you.

what sales representative jobs entail

Sales jobs are evolving. With new technologies, salespeople are no longer confined to a standard office setting. Many reps today work remotely or adopt flexible office hours based on company needs. Depending on your employer, you may work traditional office hours, evenings, or even on the weekend. Sales reps typically report directly to a sales manager or sales lead.

average sales representative salaries

The average sales representative salary in Canada can vary greatly. Since there are sales reps in virtually every industry, working for all types of companies, how much you make annually to start can range from $40,000 per year to $60,000 or more if you handle key accounts. With experience, you could make up to $100,000 or more. Bonuses and commission for beating sales goals and objectives could also help you increase your annual income.


your day to day tasks

Sales reps are required to prospect for clients (sometimes in a specific territory), contact those clients, achieve financial targets, close sales, upsell and cross-sell clients (as necessary), and implement new best practices strategies in terms of selling. Your day-to-day tasks can involve the following:

  • sales meetings
  • interacting with prospects
  • cold calling
  • forecasting and sales projections
  • following up with leads
  • working on sales strategies
  • customer research
  • sales training and coaching
  • updating records

where you can work

While there are opportunities for sales reps in all size companies and most industries, some pay better than others. If you are looking for sales jobs that offer higher than average salaries, then consider pharmaceutical sales, key account sales, and selling computer and technical products. Location has become less of a factor when it comes to finding the best opportunities as many sales reps now work remotely and telecommute. However, it’s still important to reside in locations where there is a large sales industry, such as in the Greater Toronto area and other major Canadian cities.

what you bring to the table

Sales representatives need to be highly motivated, organized, and strong communicators to be successful. You will be working with people and will need to network and build strong business relationships and connections. You’ll also need to be persuasive and have thick skin. Some key skills you will need to be successful in sales include:

  • research skills
  • ability to learn quickly
  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to read people
  • interpersonal skills
  • excellent time management and organization
  • experience with CRMs and sales software
  • strong writing skills

training and certifications

Though some sales rep positions only require a high school diploma (or equivalent), as well as a certain amount of experience, there are many organizations that prefer to hire sales reps with university or college degrees, especially if they have a degree that is directly related to the products or services that you will be working with. This is dependent upon the field in which the sales rep will be working.

Sales reps must continuously stay at the top of their game to not only perform their duties as expected, but to also be adding new skills to their resume if they want to grow in their sales career. Taking sales courses and taking advantage of other professional development opportunities is important to get an edge in this highly competitive industry.


where your career is headed

Every sized company needs sales representatives, and there are plenty of sales opportunities available across Canada. They key is to hone in on the type of sales or industry you prefer to work in to specialize in a particular area of sales. Many sales reps make the natural step up to becoming a sales manager.

Most sales reps need to have a minimum of 2 years of sales experience with a company before they are considered ready for a supervisory position. Additionally, they must show a proven record of exceptional customer service, business development, and a desire to grow professionally.

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