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Sales specialist jobs require driven professionals with great initiative, who are able to demonstrate tangible sales as a result of their ideas and strategies.

Sales specialists contribute to profit growth at their respective organizations, through the expansion of relationships with important existing customers, forging new relationships with clients, and by growing sales for their employer’s product and service lines.

what sales specialist jobs entail

The main duty of a sales specialist is to work on strategies that increase sales and profit through the growth of new and existing customer relationships. Sales specialists are involved in explaining the features of a product or service to a potential or existing customer with the goal of making a sale to them. Sales specialists often travel around a designated region where they are responsible for meeting with customers and making new sales.

average sales specialist salaries

A sales specialist job will earn you a salary that ranges from $31,000 to $90,000, with the average salary being approximately $52,000. Your salary in a sales specialist job will vary depending on the number of years of experience you have in the role and the type and size of the organization you work for.

your day to day tasks

In a sales specialist job you will have a variety of different responsibilities that will vary depending on the type of organization that you work at. Some of the day-to-day tasks you can expect to work on in a sales specialist job include:

  • leading a team of sales associates
  • meeting new and existing customers
  • selling products and services
  • resolving customer complaints
  • enhancing your product knowledge and sales skills
  • meeting targets for sales growth
  • establishing relationships with customers

where you can work

There are opportunities for sales specialists in companies of almost any size and in most industries. Sales specialists jobs can earn you a very good living, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to earn a higher than average salary, some of the fastest growing fields include pharmaceutical sales, and computer and technical products. To work as a sales specialist in Canada, there are generally more opportunities in locations with a large sales industry such as Toronto. There arealso opportunities for individuals who work in sales to work remotely or telecommute.

what you bring to the table

Sales specialist jobs require highly motivated and organized people with strong communication skills. If you want to work in a sales specialist job, you will need to work with people often and build strong relationships with your clients. Some of the key skills that employers value when hiring for sales specialist jobs include:

  • strong communication skills
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • excellent time management and organizational skills
  • experience with CRMs and sales software
  • strong writing skills
  • ability to learn quickly
  • ability to build and maintain relationships

training and certifications

If you are interested in a sales specialist job, to work in this role you will generally be required to have a four year degree from an accredited institution, typically in business, marketing, or a related field. Sales specialists also often have several years of experience working in a sales related role.

To stay at the top of your game as a sales specialist and perform your duties properly, you must constantly add new skills to your repertoire to continue to grow in the profession. Completing sales related courses and taking advantage of other similar opportunities is important for retains your edge in the highly competitive sales industry.

where your career is headed

There are numerous sales related opportunities available all across Canada. Skilled sales specialists with several years of experience will find themselves moving into more senior roles in the sales hierarchy. Working as a sales specialist will lead to a rewarding and lucrative career in the sales sector in Canada.

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