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As the scrum master, you will be in charge of the scrum process, ensuring the project is running efficiently and on schedule, and ensure the team has the resources they need to be successful. Often working from behind, your priorities and duties will vary based on company priorities. If you are a strong communicator, an effective problem solver, and a champion for change, consider this career option.

what scrum master jobs entail

Scrum masters work in a collaborative team-based environment. You work in an office setting. Business hours are often determined by the company and the type of project you are working on. Working overtime, evenings and weekends is a possibility. Scrum masters can report to a number of individuals such as an IT manager, project manager, or agile practice leader.

average scrum master salaries

If you work as a scrum master in Canada, you can expect an average annual salary of about $78,000. Candidates can expect a starting rate of about $50,000 per year. Over time, you can earn up to $100,000 annually. Experience in agile software development can help increase earning potential. Performance bonuses and employee benefits are commonly included in compensation packages. 

your day to day tasks

Scrum master jobs can be difficult to define as the role varies from company to company. Some of the tasks that are included in the role may include:

  • facilitating the daily scrum
  • resolving conflict among team members, processes, and practices
  • coordinating team member roles and responsibilities
  • coaching and mentoring team members
  • assigning work as required
  • educating product owners about maintaining product backlog
  • providing support to the agile team

where you can work

Scrum masters can work for all types of companies. They are increasingly used by technology companies or within IT departments to help companies remain agile. Scrum masters typically work in cities with large business or technology sectors. Opportunities commonly exist in the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver and other larger cities.

what you bring to the table

Scrum masters tend to have a diverse skill set that borrows from a number of disciplines. You need to be a strong project manager, possess strong technology skills, have business acumen and be an effective communicator to be successful. Here are some of the skills organizations are looking for:

  • leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
  • a focus on continuous improvement
  • a champion for change
  • a problem solver with the ability to think outside the box
  • someone who excels at conflict resolution

training and certifications

Scrum masters come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Since having a background in technology is important, many come from a computer science, IT or engineering background. Some scrum masters also have degrees in communications, business, and project management.

More important than academic background, scrum masters require certification. There are a number of scrum master certifications you can obtain. The most common are Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Agile Scrum Master (ASM), and Scrum Master Certified (SMC.)

where your career is headed

While the role of scrum master is not new, it continues to evolve and take on new means as technology evolves and the importance of agility and change increases. Many scrum masters, once they have gained experience or have accomplished their objectives, move on to more challenging projects with other organizations. Many also move on to work on multiple projects, get into product or process development, or take on a management position. It’s also common for scrum masters to become coaches and mentors within their industry. There are many opportunities to pursue, and job prospects are good for scrum master careers. 

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