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Shipping jobs play an important role in ensuring that organizations get products to their customers in a timely fashion. Shippers are responsible for making sure that the products their employer manufactures or stores are shipped safely, effectively and on time.

Your role as a shipper will include the shipment of products, the subsequent tracking of shipments, picking orders, and tracking product locations. Shipping jobs are generally found in a warehouse environment, where shippers work with other individuals such as warehouse management, vendors, drivers, and office staff. If you are successful in this field, it can lead to many other opportunities in the supply chain management industry.

what shipping jobs entail

If you work as a shipper, you’ll typically work in a warehouse or retail environment. You can also expect to work in shifts. Over time work is also common for shipping jobs, especially during busy times such as the holiday season. If you work in a warehouse or retail environment, you will generally report to a shift supervisor or warehouse manager.

average shipping job salaries

Individuals working in shipping jobs have an average salary of $16 per hour or approximately $38,000 per year. At the bottom end of the salary range, shippers who are just starting out in the role will make around $12.50 per hour. This starting salary will likely be higher if you have experience and specialized skills that will be an advantage in your shipping job.

With years of experience added to your repertoire, you can increase your earnings to more than $20 per hour. Overtime work and bonuses are also often part of shipping jobs and can also further increase your earnings.

your day to day tasks

Shipping jobs involve planning and performing many different duties. Your main objective is to ensure that all products are kept track of and accounted for as they make their way out of company warehouses or retail locations. Your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • verifying and transporting orders
  • checking materials to ensure they are meeting company quality
  • completing paperwork related to shipments
  • preparing and printing shipping labels
  • assembling and fill boxes with items that need to be shipped
  • processing and tracking orders
  • maintaining a clean and safe work environment

where you can work

Shippers are most often required by companies in retail, manufacturing and production. Almost any organization that has  warehouses and ships or receives goods will require shippers. There are many opportunities for shippers across Canada, as the majority of retail, manufacturing and production companies will need to send out goods to clients and customers and will need talented to professionals to do this for them.

what you bring to the table

To work in a shipping position, you will need to be comfortable working in warehouse and retail environments. You’ll also need to have a solid understanding of the technology that is used in warehouses. The following are additional skills that employers look for when hiring for shipping jobs:

  • inventory management
  • strong attention to detail
  • strong customer service skills
  • picking and packing
  • strong time management
  • strong organizational skills

training and certifications

Most employers require a minimum of a high school diploma when filling shipping positions. If you are planning to eventually enter into a supervisory or management role, it may also be useful to attain a diploma in logistics or a related field as this will help to advance your career in supply chain management and logistics.

Many employers also value workplace health and safety training, and experience with information systems and inventory management software. As technology becomes more and more important in the shipping industry, any skills in this area will be an asset that sets you apart from other candidates.

where your career is headed

There is a great deal of room for growth in this profession. Typically, minimal experience is required for these roles, making them a good entry point into a company. Once you have gained several years of on-the-job experience, you can move up into other positions in fields including shipping/receiving, logistics, and supply chain. Some of the roles you might take on in the next stage of your career includeshipping/receiving supervisor, supply chain supervisor and logistics coordinator. Given the dominance of online shopping, the need to fill shipping and receiving roles is growing at a rapid rate. This means there’s lots of opportunities available to people looking to build a long career!

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