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Store manager jobs can vary greatly as you may work in a small store with a few employees, a huge store with hundreds of employees, or you could even manage an online store from an office. No two store manager positions are ever the same although they do require specific skills and abilities to be successful. The following provides you with some insights into the skills, experience, education, and salary you can expect in a store management role in Canada.

what store manager jobs entail

Store managers typically work in a retail environment in a B2C setting. Work hours will depend on the store. Store managers often report to territory or district managers. Your position requires a combination of office work, sales forecasting and reporting, inventory management, training and coaching, as well as interacting with individuals as a representative of the company within your community.

average store manager salaries

The average store manager salaries in Canada can vary significantly based on the company you work for, the type of store you manage, the size of the store, your key responsibilities and more. For example, store managers who manage a small store with a handful of employees often make less than store managers who are in charge of large stores with a large staff. Industry also plays a role in determining salary.

On average, store managers can make anywhere from $30,000 up to $100,000 per year. You may also have the opportunity to make a bonus for sales performance, hitting sales targets, and other metrics. A track record of successful sales management will allow you to command a higher salary.

your day to day tasks

Day-to-day tasks for store managers are similar across most industries. You will:

  • interact with customers 
  • improve foot traffic and profitability
  • train and mentor employees
  • lead staff meetings
  • check on store departments
  • assess and report on store sales, profits, trends, and customer requests
  • deal with employee issues
  • assist employees with store operations as necessary
  • communicate with the corporate office and provide updates

where you can work

Store managers are required in all business-to-customer environments. While store manager jobs are most commonly found in retail, they are also found in B2B sales and many other industries. Store manager jobs are also widely available in cities across Canada. Naturally, there will be more opportunity in larger cities where there are more stores. Store manager positions open up frequently, so keep an eye out for new opportunities.

what you bring to the table

Store managers are required to have a diverse skillset. Skill requirements for store manager positions include:

  • customer service
  • operations management
  • interpersonal skills
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • people management and leadership
  • sales management
  • budget management
  • scheduling and employee relations
  • inventory management
  • sales forecasting
  • merchandising
  • training, hiring, interviewing

training and certifications

Most companies require that store managers have a college degree. However, a degree in business, economics, technology, communications, and academic disciplines that are related to the company will be an asset. Store managers typically require previous management experience to be considered for the position. Management certifications are an asset. Internal training and coaching are common parts of the onboarding process and are ongoing for store managers. 

where your career is headed

Store managers tend to stay in their roles for the long term. While many will shift locations within the same company, others tend to make unilateral moves to competitors within the same industry. Some store managers make the transition into upper management and jobs within the company’s corporate office in some capacity – often as a district or territory manager, or as a specialist.

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