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Superintendents manage the short term project schedule, ensure all tasks meet quality standards, work with project subcontractors, and commonly work collaboratively with a senior project manager to ensure the project is on time and on budget. Depending on the size of the project, you may be one of multiple superintendents and may be assigned a more specialized role. To learn more about salary, roles, and responsibilities, continue to read below.

what cost superintendent jobs entail

The role of superintendent in engineering is a very involved position. In most cases, you will work primarily onsite for the duration of the project. This could mean travelling for extended periods of time. You will have a regular work schedule, but you are often required to be on call at all times to address any pressing issues that could impact project progress. In most cases, you report to and work with a senior project manager and other operations managers.

average superintendent salaries

Superintendents in the engineering field in Canada have strong earning potential. The average annual salary for professionals in this position is about $90,000 per year. You can expect a starting salary of about $65,000, and you can make up to $125,000 or more with ample experience. Bonuses, profit sharing, and employee benefits are also commonly included in your compensation package. More experience in an engineering superintendent role is associated with a higher pay grade. 

your day to day tasks

As an engineering superintendent, you oversee daily operations. You work onsite, interacting with workers and contractors to ensure the project remains on schedule. Your daily tasks include:

  • managing day-to-day operations on a job site
  • coordinating and working with subcontractors
  • addressing any issues that impact production
  • instructing and managing onsite workers
  • ensuring a safe work environment
  • addressing health and safety issues
  • assigning work tasks
  • resource allocation
  • participating in management meetings and strategy sessions

where you can work

Superintendents most commonly work in the construction industry and can work for engineering firms, construction companies, and project management companies. These positons exist across the country, and where you work will depend on your organization and the type of projects with which they are involved. Since travelling to and working on the job site is a large part of your role, you can work almost anywhere in the country.

what you bring to the table

Engineering superintendents bring a combination of engineering skills and leadership to the table. You need to manage work sites, employees, and act as an onsite project manager. Skills employers look for include:

  • project management experience
  • construction estimating
  • ability to read and interpret blueprints
  • knowledge of AutoCAD
  • job scheduling
  • ability to work in stressful situations and under tight deadlines
  • focus on workplace safety

training and certifications

Engineering superintendents are required to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. You will also be required to have your Professional Engineers designation, as well as have a number of years of experience working in engineering. Additional certifications and job requirements may also be required based on the type of superintendent role for which you are applying. Completing aptitude and skill tests may also be part of the application process.

where your career is headed

Superintendents in engineering tend to follow a similar career path. Once you gain experience in the industry in other construction and engineering management roles, many superintendents stay in the same role for many years. However, there is the opportunity to move up. Many move on to other roles in construction and engineering such as project management, operations management, senior estimator, and civil engineering roles.

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