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Tax accountants specialize in helping organizations with all their taxation documentation and filing. You work within an organization or consult with companies about best practices for tax tracking, preparing tax payments and documents, and completing tax reports as required by the government. As the liaison between companies and the CRA, you will advise companies on tax laws and regulations and ensure companies organize and properly maintain all tax records.  Career prospects in this particular type of accounting are good.

what tax accountant jobs entail

Tax accountants work in an office setting and work traditional office hours. You may have to work evenings and weekends during tax season to ensure all documents are filed on time. Tax accountants either work for a large company or they work for an accounting firm and represent multiple clients. Typically, you will report to the finance manager in a large company.

average tax accountant salaries

The average salary for tax accountants in Canada is about $58,000 annually. Tax accountants just starting out can anticipate a starting yearly income of just over $40,000. With experience, you can make up to $95,000 per year. Being an expert in tax compliance by specializing in a specific niche of tax accounting can increase your salary expectations. Bonuses and profit sharing may also be included as part of your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

As a tax accountant, your focus is on ensuring that your company or your clients are compliant with all tax laws. This means ensuring tax documents are filed on time and payments are made when required. During a typical day, you may:

  • prepare tax documents and payments
  • work with the government and CRA
  • complete quarterly and annual reports
  • recommend tax strategies aligned with your company’s business goals
  • answer tax questions and provide advice to others
  • advise senior management
  • identify tax savings opportunities
  • work with internal and external auditors
  • forecast tax requirements
  • prepare financial data and update the company tax database

where you can work

Tax accountants are required in cities across Canada. All industries and companies require the services of tax accountants to prepare tax documents and ensure they are compliant with tax laws. You may work for companies as small as solopreneurs to large corporations. Regions with the most career opportunities are commonly found in southern Ontario, Alberta, Montreal, and British Columbia, and any areas with a large business community.

what you bring to the table

As a tax accountant, you will be expected to bring all the skills as other accountants to the table, in addition to having specialized skills in the area of taxation. Skills you will need to be a tax accountant include:

  • knowledge of all current tax laws
  • computer and database skills
  • time management and organization
  • attention to detail
  • experience with finance and accounting software
  • excellent problem solving
  • strong communications and presentation skills

training and certifications

Education and training to be a tax accountant is similar to other accounting careers. You will be required to have a degree in accounting, finance, or related area of study, in addition to having industry certification. CPA or CMA is preferred. Additional training and education may be required based on the type of organization for which you work. Ongoing training about new tax laws and regulation is part of the job and is expected.

where your career is headed

As a tax accountant in Canada, you have a number of options to consider. Once working as a tax accountant for a number of years, many tax accountants move on to more specialized roles within their current organization, go on to work for a private company, the government, or open their own accounting agency. Many tax accountants today are specializing in offering tax services to small businesses due to the growth of self-employment and small businesses.

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