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Depending on the company a technical lead works for, they may be known by various titles, including senior developer or team lead. Successful technical leads need to have a strong combination of technology skills, project management and people skills. This combination helps you manage processes, people, and technology.

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what technical lead jobs entail

Technical leads work in an office environment, commonly at the company headquarters. You work in the IT department and work directly with the development team, taking a hands-on approach. You report to senior management or a VP of technology.

average technical lead salaries

A technical lead plays a key role in the technology sector. As a technical lead, you can expect an average annual salary of about $85,000. Salaries for this job range from as low as $65,000 per year up to $125,000. The type of company you work for, your success in the industry, and your experience have an impact on your earning potential.

your day to day tasks

As a technical lead, you split your time between developing technology strategies, coding, working with the development team and reporting to senior management. Some tasks that are part of your job description:

  • establishing organizational goals
  • maintaining a positive work environment
  • working closely with decision makers
  • working with external IT vendors
  • assisting with coding
  • securing budgets for IT projects
  • providing insights into IT functions
  • managing an IT project team
  • creating IT performance reports
  • attending conferences and training sessions

where you can work

A technical lead typically works within the IT department of large companies, within the technology industry for a software development company, or with information technology firms. Some work internally; others work as outside consultants with the overall goal to help companies most effectively use technology to support business objectives.

Technical lead jobs are most commonly found in cities with a large technology sectors such as in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Vancouver, and Montreal.

what you bring to the table

Successful technical leads are more than technology experts. They have a strong combination of technology, leadership and management skills to guide development teams and ensure IT is aligned with business goals. Some skills hiring companies look for in technical lead jobs:

  • exceptional leadership
  • a mind for business
  • attention to detail and problem solving
  • ability to work on many projects
  • an innovative mindset
  • knowledge of data security
  • experience with coding 
  • software application development
  • ability to explain complex issues in simple terms

training and certifications

To work as a technical lead, you will need to have a degree in computer science or related field. Additional education in business administration, project management and leadership is an asset. Technical leads are expected to have up to 10 years of industry experience in computer applications, software development and programming.

where your career is headed

Technical leads, or team leads, are near the top of the organization. Coming from a software engineer or senior developer role, technical leads often stay within this role for the long term. Some move to new companies to take on new challenges.

Are you a senior developer looking to break into a technical lead role? Are you currently a technical lead looking for a career change? Randstad Canada can help. Contact us today to ramp up your job search. We can help you find the perfect role for your skill set.

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