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about UX designers

UX designers are required to have a deep understanding of user-centered design, and be able to combine technical design requirements and business objectives to create an effective user experience. You will conduct user research and use the information to create effective designs that help your organization meet business goals. You will need to be a good problem solver, have a creative mind, and understand user behavior.

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what UX designer jobs entail

UX designers work in an office setting. They typically work with the digital team. You can expect to spend most of your days working on the computer, conducting research, and taking part in strategy sessions with other professionals. You will work normal office hours. However, expect to work evenings, weekends, and overtime to meet project deadlines. You will report to an UX manager, director, or project lead.

UX designer salaries in canada

The average annual salary for UX designers working in Canada is about $55,000 per year. Salaries start at just over $40,000 annually. You can make more than $80,000 per year at the top end of the salary range. Many positions offer performance bonuses and other incentives. Experience in UX, interaction design, and user research is associated with higher earning potential.

your day to day tasks

UX designers work in a team setting. As part of your role, you will be expected to complete the follow daily tasks:

  • conduct market research to develop design concepts
  • update and edit current UX designs for efficiency
  • create prototypes
  • conduct user testing
  • create wireframes, customer journeys, and mock-ups to establish final UX designs
  • collaborate with team members to ensure designs are in alignment with business needs
  • assist with coding
  • apply customer feedback to improve UX design flows

where you can work

UX designers can work for any organization that has a strong online presence. Many work for companies that rely heavily on ecommerce and digital engagement as part of their sales process. UX designers can work directly for a company, as a consultant, or as part of a digital agency offering third party services. You can work for companies in many industries such as ecommerce, marketing, finance, retail and wholesale, and many others.

Many UX roles exist in areas with a strong presence of company headquarters, or commerce, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo, and Montreal. With experience, other opportunities may exist in UX education and training.

what you bring to the table

A strong background in coding, research, and user design are key success factors for UX designers. Here are some of the skills hiring companies look for:

  • strong understanding of user-centered design
  • experiencing using popular UX coding software such as Sketch, InVision, JavaScript, HTML5, Framer and other programs
  • ability to communicate complex design concepts in simple terms
  • ability to combine user behavior, user design preferences, and business objectives into design mock-ups
  • strong market research skills
  • ability to understand things from the customer perspective
  • ability to work under tight deadlines and stressful situations

training and certifications

User experience is a multidisciplinary career. Therefore, people tend to come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Most companies require you have a degree in psychology, design, computer science, communications, marketing, or other related fields. Having a graduate degree, especially one that is focused on UX design, is an asset that will help you gain an edge over other candidates. Certification courses in UX design or related coding languages is recommended.

where your career is headed

UX design requires a diverse skill set that can be applied to many roles in the digital marketing space. UX designers commonly specialize on the technical side or management side. UX designers move into more senior roles such as lead UX designer, UX manager, UX director and other roles associated with user experience. Some professionals move into digital marketing and web development in other similar roles.

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