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As a warehouse worker, you play a key role in receiving, storing, documenting, and delivering materials for your employer. Depending on the scope of your role, you may also fulfill and ship orders to customers. Large warehouses are often fast-paced, while smaller ones tend to work around pickups and dropoffs from carriers.

what warehouse worker jobs entail

To be a warehouse worker, you must be in good shape, as workers are required to lift up to 50 pounds and walk or stand for most of their shift. Most employers will require you to wear protective gear and steel-toed shoes. You may have to purchase these yourself, depending on where you work. Warehouse workers usually report to a supervisor or warehouse manager, though if you work in a large warehouse, you may report to a departmental manager.

average salaries of warehouse workers

As a warehouse worker, you're most likely paid an hourly rate, ranging from minimum wage in your province to as high as $19 per hour if you've racked up a handful of years experience. The average warehouse worker salary is around $14 an hour. 

One of the reasons that warehouse salaries are on the low end of the spectrum is because there's a lot of opportunity for advancement and turnover. Those who gain experience as warehouse workers are likely to move into higher paying supervisor and management roles, or transition into other related fields such as shipping & receiving.

your day to day tasks

Most warehouse jobs will require you to perform a variety of tasks around the warehouse where you work. The tasks you perform each day vary depending on what's needed that day. Some common tasks include:

  • accepting and processing inventory
  • picking and filling orders from stock
  • packing and shipping orders
  • managing, organizing and retrieving stock
  • operate forklifts, staplers, and other warehouse machinery
  • performing other general labour tasks

where you can work

Unsurprisingly, you work in a warehouse setting. You can work in different type of warehouses, however. You may work in a retail warehouse, manufacturing warehouse or distribution centre.

The largest employers in this sector are manufacturers, with a particularly strong presence in Ontario. That said, there will always be a need to transfer and store various goods across Canada, meaning warehouse jobs are plentiful across the country.

what you bring to the table

As a warehouse worker, you're expected to have an eye for detail and be able to manage your time wisely. You be comfortable with physical labour, as your job may require you lift and move heavy items, and remain on your feet for large parts of the day. Some skills you might need:

  • being physically fit (able to lift 50lbs)
  • working well in a team-based setting
  • being willing to listen and take direction
  • working efficiently and time management

training and certifications

Warehouse workers may need a high school diploma or equivalency to be hired, though this is not always the case. Experience level may also be a factor - some employers look for warehouse workers with a year or two of experience.

Depending on the role you're seeking, you may also be required to operate a forklift. You may be required to have a license to drive a forklift, though is some cases your employer may offer to pay for your certification.

where your career is headed

Warehouse workers can aspire to supervisory positions in warehousing, shipping & receiving, logistics and other related industries. Some roles that are a natural progression for warehouse workers include warehouse supervisor, shipping & receiving jobs, quality control jobs and other specialties tied to warehousing.

You may also find roles in other industries that make use of your experience with quality control, inventory control, and shipping and receiving.


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