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Working as a welder-fitter opens up a world of skilled trade job opportunities to you in Canada. Welder-fitters are currently in intense demand, as a result of a skilled trade shortage in Canada. What skilled and experienced welder-fitters bring to the workplace cannot be replaced by technology. Welder-fitters are specialized welders that layout, fit and fabricate parts of metal structural forms according to blueprints and their knowledge of welding and metallurgy.

what welder-fitter jobs entail

Welder-fitter jobs will often require you to work in noisy, hot and dusty environments. Welder-fitters often find work in construction, which means that seasonal weather will also vary greatly throughout the year. You will have to be extremely adaptable and able to work in a variety of weather and site conditions. Most welder-fitters will find full time work however some will be hired for shift work. What environment you work in, and the hours that you work will vary depending on what type of company you choose to work for.

average welder-fitter salaries in canada

In Canada, an individual working in a welder-fitter job can expect to earn an average wage of $28 per hour. In terms of an annual salary, this would equal around $58,000 per year if working a standard 40 hour work week.

Due to the high demand for welders in Canada, this profession has seen a 13% increase in wages since 2010, well above the national average. If you choose to work as a welder-fitter in Canada, you can expect high earning potential with the opportunity for salary increases as you gain additional years of experience.

your day to day tasks

Welder-fitters are highly skilled individuals who are trained to perform a variety of tasks relating to welding and metallurgy. Some of the most common tasks you will be expected to perform if in a welder-fitter job include:

  • laying out, positioning and securing parts
  • following blueprints and specifications
  • welding components using a variety of welding equipment
  • using saws, shears or chipping knives
  • installing and repairing welding equipment
  • reshaping and reassembling parts

where you can work

Welders typically work in a shop or construction environment. Welder-fitters jobs are found most often with manufacturers or contractors, though some welder-fitters may be self-employed. Welder-fitters will generally find work for companies that are involved in the manufacturing of metal goods such as heavy machinery, aircrafts, ships and boilers.

what you bring to the table

welder-fitters are required to have a specialized skill set, in addition to having the physical abilities to do this demanding job. The skills and abilities hiring companies are looking for in candidates include the following:

  • physical dexterity
  • experience with welding and welding tools
  • stamina and the ability to work in a physically demanding workplace
  • exceptional attention to detail
  • ability to read blueprints
  • good communication skills
  • ability to work in a team environment
  • desire to improve skills and knowledge

training and certifications

To be hired for a welder-fitter job, you will generally need a minimum of a high school diploma and the completion of a three year apprenticeship program, although the exact requirements will depend on the province you are looking for a welder-fitter job in. A combination of work experience and trade school coursework is also acceptable for some employers.

As working as a welder-fitter is a more advanced welding job, additional experience is often required by employers hiring for this role.

where your career is headed

With training and experience gained as a welder-fitter, you can move into supervisory positions such as foreman, maintenance supervisor or production manager.

Welders and welder-fitters with advanced skills and years of experience are extremely competitive in the current labour market in Canada. There are numerous different opportunities for welder-fitters to improve and advance their careers. It is expected that the number of welders and welder-fitters will continue to grow over the next years. Even though welding technology is advancing, welders have skills that cannot be replaced by technology.

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