MONTREAL – July 17 – Randstad Canada, a leader in the HR services industry, has important advice, supported by global research, for business leaders struggling to recruit top talent in the post-COVID world: investment in employer brand can expedite the recruitment process and decrease expenditures. 

Today, many organizations find themselves in a challenging position. While Canadians celebrate a potential return to normal as businesses reopen and COVID cases decline, businesses leaders are bracing for post-COVID labour shortages in multiple industries. Sectors including health care, construction and IT faced labour shortages before the pandemic – a situation that has now amplified. Meanwhile, sectors including retail, food service and hospitality, travel and tourism, are attempting to rehire, but many experienced workers have transitioned to other industries. 

what business leaders need to know about employer brand

Randstad’s Employer Brand Research provides valuable insight on the importance of employer brand to both current and prospective talent.

  • Companies with weak employer brands overpay salaries by 10 percent.
  • 50 percent of candidates say they would not work for a company with a bad reputation - even with a pay increase.
  • 96 percent agree the alignment of personal values with a company’s culture is a key factor in work satisfaction.
  • The majority of business leaders (80 percent) report a strong employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire a great workforce. In fact, organizations with a strong employer brand typically hire new talent 1-2x faster than those with weak employer brands.
  • Surprisingly, only 19 percent of employees globally perceive a strong alignment between what their employer says about itself and their experience working there. 

“People work for cultures, not companies. As a result, their perception of the organization as an employer should not be overestimated. Both recruiters and candidates cite company culture as one of the most important determinants in employer choice,” said Patrick Poulin, Group President, Randstad Canada. 

“This is the golden age of transparency. Candidates can find company reviews on review sites and it’s never been easier to seek out current employees for their point of view. If candidates see positive employee and candidate experiences on review sites, they’re more likely to consider an organization,” Poulin adds.

When it comes to what Canadians are looking for, the most important drivers in 2021 are:

  1. Attractive salary and benefits (69 percent)
  2. Work-life balance (66 percent)
  3. Job security (61 percent)
  4. Pleasant work atmosphere (58 percent)
  5. Good training (58 percent)

More than ever, understanding the gap between what employees want and what they think employers in Canada offer provides valuable insights into building an employer brand. Furthermore, benchmarking against what employees perceive being offered by their current employer gives more context to the gaps that need to be bridged.

how to create a successful employer brand

  • Audit current employer brand (employer brand story and external perception).
  • Interview employees and leaders to understand their perception of your brand and gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Assess competitors for workforce
  • External market analysis: career motivations and drivers as well as specific views of your company improvement
  • Create the brand pillars and employee value proposition.
  • Develop the employer brand strategy and creative assets.
  • Launch employer brand internally.
  • Activate employer brand externally.
  • Measure, assess & refine.

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The survey, conducted in January 2021, polled more than 190,000 respondents in 34 countries and included more than 6,000 companies. Respondents were aged 18 – 64, and comprised students, employed and unemployed workers.

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