the 2021 employer brand report

smart insights to enhance your reputation

Each year, we survey thousands of Canadian workers to determine what they look for in a job. We deep dive into their motivations and what makes them choose to stay with or leave an employer. In 2021, the results were especially insightful in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers were much more focused on areas such as the health and safety of their workplace, the ability to work from home, and work-life balance. 

As the job market ramps up in 2021 and we start to emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, embedding these differentiators into your employer brand will strengthen your ability to attract new talent and keep your existing employees loyal to your company. Download the 2021 employer branding report for tons of actionable insights to develop your employer brand. We uncover trends and areas of opportunity that will help you enhance your reputation as an employer and draw in skilled talent.

download the full report for detailed insights.

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