When it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace, employees expect the community they live in to be reflected in the workforce. Diversity and inclusion should be synonymous with your brand and its identity. However, many organizations are missing the mark and falling short on diversity and inclusion. With all the injustices that have swept across the planet, there needs to be a different approach to diversity and inclusion within your organization.


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Find out from Carolyn Levy how a diversity and inclusion strategy can fit into your organization’s overall goals.

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start from the top 

When a company's leadership shows that they are committed to diversity and inclusion, it will trickle down to employees. Leaders need to establish a strong will and want to make changes within their organization, and the same goes with diversity and inclusion. No, this isn't easy work, but it's serious work that needs to be done. 

create people-centric goals

Like any other business goal, diversity and inclusion have to be strategic. There needs to be a long-term emphasis on diversity and inclusion that requires focus, measurement, and reporting. Your organization will need to create clear KPIs reports ensuring that the organization is on track with its diversity and inclusion strategy. Like any other company reporting, KPIs ensure everyone is engaged and held accountable to the goals set out. 

champion meaningful D&I training

For organizations to become more inclusive, they must recognize the value of D&I training programs. Because true diversity and inclusion practices come from learning from others, a training program should be put in place for employees to learn, understand, and reflect upon the experiences and realities of those who may be different from them. Creating a workplace culture of understanding and belonging takes time, effort, and most importantly, a plan.  

start planning your strategy  

There are no quick fixes when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Instead, meaningful change requires commitment and an understanding of ongoing improvement. So what's the best solution? Randstad's President and Chief Diversity Officer, Carolyn Levy, offers her opinion on what your company can do to change the course of diversity and inclusion within your company. 

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