Amid declining COVID-19 cases and mass vaccinations, Canadians are beginning to think about post-pandemic life. While there is cause for optimism, the situation remains challenging for Canadian women in the workforce. Over the course of the pandemic, Canadian women have been overburdened, juggling the demands of remote work, home schooling, child care and managing their homes - while others have been completely forced out of the workforce as a direct result of these challenges.  

Recognizing the lack of skills training for women, Randstad Canada and tellent partnered to create the Propeller Experience, an 8-week digital program to help women confidently return to the workforce.  Whether they are navigating the impact of the pandemic,  returning to the workforce following a prolonged absence, or changing industries, The Propeller Experience is designed to help women find or build higher value paid work, and take control over their careers. 


‘’COVID-19 has amplified the challenges women have navigated for many years: unconscious biases, work-life balance struggles, along with underrepresentation in STEM fields and at the leadership level. This skilling program aligns with our long-standing commitment to helping women thrive in their careers by cultivating the right skillset, mindset and network to succeed,’’ says Marie-Noelle Morency, Director of Communications for Randstad Canada.   

The first cohort has just completed the program, which connected 135 women with 29 instructors, mentors and coaches. Participants have shared that, “The Propeller Experience has been a complete game changer in my life,” and, “The modules have been fantastic... I haven’t felt this hopeful about my career in a long time.” The Propeller Experience’s second edition began on May 31st, 2021.

“With the breadth and depth of social, economic and innovation challenges in Canada, we need all brains on deck to solve these problems and this program is a part of the solution,” says Jennifer Hargreaves, founder and CEO of tellent. “The program is affordable, accessible and we also have scholarships for marginalized communities where cost may be a barrier.”

The goal of the Propeller Experience is to help 1,000 Canadian women find or build work that validates their worth and experience, while creating an economic contribution of $60M. 

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Tellent bridges the talent gap in the new work economy and aims at increasing women’s economic contribution, progressing gender equity and preparing companies for evolving workforce trends in order to stay competitive in the future of work. The platform includes a job board and virtual networking platform.

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Randstad Canada is a leader in the HR services industry and specializes in flexible work solutions. As a trusted partner in the digital world of talent, we combine the expertise and passion of our people with the most innovative HR technologies to support talent and organizations in realizing their true potential. 

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