Montreal, January 11, 2024 — The start of a new year brings change and renewal, especially in the world of work. As in previous years, Randstad Canada, a talent company specializing in recruitment and human resources, is once again offering its list of the 15 most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2024. This eagerly-awaited resource is a must-have for Canadians looking to start the year with new career plans or considering a return to school in a constantly changing economic landscape. And this year, job seekers have an undeniable advantage thanks to a promising market in many industries.

With this year's list, Randstad reviews the jobs most in demand in 2024 and notes that job seekers have an undeniable advantage thanks to a promising market in many industries.

"Through a meticulous analysis of a plurality of industries as well as our customers' job vacancies, we can highlight the most in-demand professions. This ranking is a highly relevant resource to help job seekers learn more about the most sought-after professions and the salaries associated with them, so they can make informed decisions that are consistent with their ambitions," reveals Brent Dul, Executive Vice President at Randstad Canada.

In 2024, anything is possible

If the trend continues, the job market will keep evolving this year, and for the better. At least, that's what the experts at Randstad are predicting, as 2024 promises to be a year of varied employment opportunities in more accessible fields for which a University education is not necessarily required.

“Today's market offers an impressive diversity of interesting opportunities, among which any job seeker can find something they like. It's a good time to reflect on your aspirations and look for a role that matches your career goals, no matter how many diplomas you have. It's shaping up to be a very positive year for job seekers," confirms Brent Dul.

Professions of the future: opportunities for all

Randstad Canada's top jobs list highlights the traditional administration, technology, professional services and healthcare sectors, which will remain popular in 2024. This year, however, the list stands out for its customer-focused positions and trades that you wouldn't expect to see on such a list.

"Demand is growing for occupations in manual industries, such as electricians and welders. The same applies to professions that specialize in customer service or customer experience. We know that workers in 2024 are increasingly looking for flexibility, and positions requiring face-to-face presence can pose challenges in this respect. Employers looking to fill these positions must be creative to attract job seekers," notes Brent Dul.

15 most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2024

1. Administrative assistant

The role of Administrative Assistant requires you to ensure seamless day-to-day operations. This includes effectively managing various administrative tasks, coordinating schedules, and acting as a crucial point of contact between managers and stakeholders. This position requires agility in managing tasks and the ability to maintain effective communications within the organization.

between $37,000 - $99,000

2. Sales associate

Sales Associates are key to building positive customer relationships, constantly staying informed about products, and actively contributing to dynamic sales environments. They are the driving force behind customer relations, providing expertise and commitment to ensure memorable buying experiences while maintaining the vital dynamism of the sales process.

between $46,000 - $84,000

3. Planner

Planners are essential across Canada, developing impeccable schedules, anticipating and resolving potential conflicts, and implementing tools to ensure optimized efficiency. Their significant contribution provides seamless day-to-day operations, fostering a harmonious, well-coordinated, and highly productive work environment.

between $46,000 - $84,000

4. HR Business partner

Human Resources Business Partners work closely with business leaders to align HR strategies with overall organizational objectives. Their role consists of advising on employer-employee relations, talent development, and workforce planning, ensuring optimal alignment between HR initiatives and the company's operational needs.

Companies are facing post-pandemic challenges, between labour shortages, budget constraints, and changing employee expectations, urging them to adopt new working models to retain talent, highlighting the crucial role of human resources in this highly competitive dynamic.

between $75,000 - $156,000

5. Logistics coordinator

As e-commerce continues to expand in Canada, logistics coordinators are in high demand. Their role is to oversee the entire logistics process, collaborating on an international scale to optimize shipment routes and enhance efficiency. They are central to the supply chain, ensuring the smooth and optimal management of merchandise flow in an ever-changing e-commerce environment.

between $62,000 - $122,000

6. Customer service consultant

Customer Service Consultants are key players in customer satisfaction. Their role is to respond to requests for specific information promptly, collaborate with other departments to resolve any problems and ensure a positive customer experience.

between $43,000 - $74,000

7. Marketing manager

Marketing Managers are architects of global strategies. Their role is to design and deploy comprehensive strategies, working closely with multiple teams to create impactful campaigns. They also analyze performance to optimize their marketing approaches constantly. These professionals are at the heart of innovation, continually seeking to improve the impact of campaigns to achieve set objectives.

between $62,000 - $122,000

8. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical Engineers have a wide spectrum of expertise, covering key areas such as biomedical, aerospace, and many others. Due to the essential nature of their skills, demand for this type of position is steadily high. Their versatility and ability to innovate in different industries means they are highly valued professionals in the job market.

between $66,000 - $131,000

9. Financial analyst

Finance Analysts provide information on company performance, produce reports, and collaborate on a global scale to achieve financial objectives. All these elements make them highly sought-after jobs in Canada.

between $62,000 - $142,000

10. Pharmaceutical assistant

Pharmaceutical Assistants play an essential role in helping pharmacists manage medications and providing excellent customer service. Their contribution is essential to ensuring overall efficiency and a positive experience within the pharmacy, ensuring optimal and safe service for patients.

between $40,000 - $60,000

11. Accounting technician

Accounting Technicians play a crucial role in any organization, ensuring the accuracy of financial records, reporting on accounts, and producing financial statements. Their contribution is vital to ensure the transparency and reliability of financial data, providing a solid basis for decision-making and financial monitoring.

between $39,000 - $114,000

12. Software Developer

It's no surprise that software developers are included in this list! They are involved in designing, coding, and testing solutions. Their role is to understand the multiple needs of users. This technical approach is fundamental to creating reliable software that meets the diverse requirements of users, making software developers essential players in developing innovative technological solutions.

between $68,000 - $137,000

13. Electrician

Electricians are among the most sought-after jobs in Canada. Their primary responsibility is installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems while ensuring rigorous compliance with current codes and security standards. The strong demand for this position highlights the crucial importance of these professionals in ensuring the safety and proper functioning of electrical installations.

between $55,000 - $77,000

14. Development and Operations Process Engineer (DevOps)

DevOps is a key component in development and deployment automation. They work collaboratively to streamline workflows and optimize infrastructure. They uphold a culture of continuous integration and delivery, ensuring prompt and reliable software releases, making this one of the best careers in Canada.

between $66,000 - $131,000

15. Welder

Welders are responsible for assembling metal components, guaranteeing the quality of structures, and collaborating with engineering teams on complex global projects.

between $40,000 - $74,000

For more information and a detailed list of the top jobs, skills sought by employers, and salary expectations by sector and region, visit the Randstad website.

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