Job availability is experiencing steady growth in Canada. Employment increased in 2023, which is anticipated to last well into 2024. 

The landscape of in-demand positions in Canada might differ from what job hunters did last year, as inflation and the cost of living continue to rise. 

Some of the industries seeing the most demand in Canada for 2024 include engineering, logistics, and the trades. 

best jobs in canada
best jobs in canada

the top 15 jobs in canada for 2024.

1. administrative assistant

In the role of an Administrative Assistant, you'll be at the heart of efficient daily operations, juggling tasks, managing calendars, and acting as a crucial liaison between executives and stakeholders. Find out more about the administrative assistant role.

2. sales associate

Sales Associates are pivotal in fostering positive customer relationships, staying informed about products, and contributing to dynamic sales environments.  Find out salary expectations, skills, and what the role of a sales associate requires

3. scheduler 

In demand across Canada are schedulers who orchestrate seamless schedules, anticipate and resolve conflicts, and implement tools for optimal efficiency. Schedulers contribute significantly to the smooth operation of day-to-day activities, fostering a well-coordinated and productive work environment.

4. HR business partner 

HR Business Partners collaborate closely with business leaders, aligning HR strategies with organizational goals and offering guidance on employee relations, talent development, and workforce planning. 

5. logistics coordinator 

With an e-commerce boom still going strong across Canada, logistics coordinators are in demand in Canada. See how Logistics Coordinators oversee end-to-end logistics processes, collaborating internationally to optimize shipping routes and enhance efficiency. 

6. customer service representative

Customer Service Representatives address inquiries promptly, collaborate with departments for issue resolution, and ensure a positive customer experience. Find out by browsing the job profile of a customer service representative. 

7. marketing manager

Marketing Managers develop and execute comprehensive global strategies, collaborating cross-functionally to create impactful campaigns and analyzing performance for optimization.  Find the skills you need to move into this innovative leadership role in marketing. 

8. mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers have a wide range of expertise in various crucial fields such as biomedical, aerospace, etc. The very nature of their position means that recruitment for this type of job is high. If you are considering a career in engineering, check out our job profile to learn more about the mechanical engineering profession.

9. financial analyst

Financial Analysts provide insights into business performance, prepare reports, and collaborate globally to meet financial goals. All of which makes them in-demand jobs in Canada. Find out salary expectations, skills, and what the role requires here. 

10. pharmacist assistant

Pharmacy assistants aid pharmacists in dispensing medications, managing inventory, and providing exceptional customer service. Pharmacy assistants are vital in contributing to the overall effectiveness and positive experience within the pharmacy setting.

11. accounting technician

Accounting Technicians are essential in any business to maintain accurate financial records, reconcile accounts, and prepare financial statements. We’ve compiled all the information you need to get a clear picture of the required skills and the salary ranges you need to know. 

12. software developer

Is it that surprising? Software Developers design, code, and test solutions and collaborate with one another to understand diverse user needs. Here is all the information on what skills to acquire and what salaries to expect.

13. electrician 

A top job in Canada is an electrician. They are an important part of the trades and are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and ensuring compliance with codes and safety regulations. Find out more about an electrician's role.

14. devOps engineer

A pivotal in automating development and deployment is DevOps. Working collaboratively to streamline workflows and optimize infrastructure. They champion a culture of continuous integration and delivery, ensuring swift and reliable software releases, making them one of the best careers in Canada. 

15. welder

Welders join metal components, ensuring the quality of structures and collaborating on complex global projects with engineering teams. To find out more about the compensation offered and qualifications required to become a welder, check out their job profile.

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