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Capturing the best and brightest talent means staying competitive with salaries, benefits and other forms of compensation. But how do you know what's competitive in your industry? Randstad's 2021 salary guide is your secret weapon to understanding baseline salaries in a variety of essential office and administration positions.

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With our 2021 salary guide in hand, you have instant access to essential information needed to compose competitive offers that your top choice candidates won't be able to resist! Salary data is divided by geographic area, job title, and experience, providing you with accurate information to compose smarter offers. Countless companies rely on Randstad's salary guides, using them to recruit, retain, and manage compensation.

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building your total compensation package

offer extra perks and benefits

According to our research, Canadians are increasingly looking for benefits and perks beyond their base salary. Popular benefits they seek out include health and dental, paid vacation, social activities, health and wellness perks, paid meals, company-provided phones and laptops, and advancement potential. Offering these benefits in conjunction with a fair-market salary is key to draw hot up-and-coming talent to work for you.

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align your values and culture

Today's most in-demand workers have their pick of employers. So they often want to choose a company that shares their values and priorities. This is especially true for younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z. Do you support diversity and inclusion? What about environmental initiatives? Define the characteristics of your workplace. Today’s workers are asking these questions before they consider working for you.

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manage your brand reputation

Social media and workplace review sites make it easy for employees to share their opinion of their employer for the world to see. Potential employees can form an impression without even meeting you. It’s important to monitor your reputation online, as well as actively shape it. Use your social media and online presence to show who you are as an employer. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to engage with talent.

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