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Capturing the best and brightest talent means staying competitive with salaries, benefits and other forms of compensation. But how do you know what's competitive in your industry? Randstad's 2019 salary guide is your secret weapon to understanding baseline salaries in a variety of essential office and administration positions.

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With our 2019 salary guide in hand, you have instant access to essential information needed to compose competitive offers that your top choice candidates won't be able to resist! Salary data is divided by geographic area, job title, and experience, providing you with accurate information to compose smarter offers. Countless companies rely on Randstad's salary guides, using them to recruit, retain, and manage compensation.

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Are you currently working in office or administration? Have you ever wondered what others who share your job title and experience make? Are you curious what the most popular office and admin jobs you should consider for the next step in your career? Find out now!

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Find your place in the Canadian job market. From Vancouver to Halifax, we've compiled salary data for Canada's major cities. This resource includes salaries for dozens of office jobs such as administrative assistant, receptionist, office clerk, data entry clerk, and others. Data is sorted by years of experience, so it's easy to pinpoint what your salary should be!

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