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Enticing the best and brightest talent to work for your company means offering competitive salaries. According to our latest employer branding survey, Canadian job seekers agreed that compensation was the most important factor they consider when looking for a new role.

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Randstad's 2019 Manufacturing Salary Guide is your secret weapon. With this guide in hand, you'll have access to average salary information for various manufacturing and logistics positions across Canada. We've sorted salary data based on geographic location and years of experience, so no matter what role you're hiring for or where, you'll have a baseline salary to work with.

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Are you currently working in the manufacturing or logistics industry? Have you ever wondered what the average compensation is for your skilled trade? Do you know how your experience level affects your compensation? Are you curious about your options for advancement in the manufacturing sector?

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Our 2019 manufacturing & logistics salary guide will help you find your place in the Canadian job market. This resource includes recommended salaries for jobs such as assemblers, electricians, machine operators, millwrights, welders, CNC machinists, forklift operators, and others. Data is sorted by experience, so it's easy to pinpoint where you fall on the salary spectrum. 

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