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In an industry where change is the only constant, keeping your technical skills up to date and finding a job that makes the most of them can be a challenge. Enter Randstad Technologies. We make it easy to find opportunities that inspire you. Countless job seekers rely on our experience, market knowledge, and global reach to find exciting job opportunities in Canada and around the world. We have connections with hundreds of recognizable companies across the globe. Let us help you find the one that's right for you.

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With the strong influence technology has in all areas of our lives and business, the demand for tech skills is fierce. Randstad's IT recruiters help you cut through the chaos and uncover job opportunities that excite you. Finding a job where you have the opportunity to make a real impact is key to your personal growth and career evolution. Randstad has the tools and experience to help you pinpoint those opportunities.

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We assess your skills and talents and tailor our approach to match your career goals and personality. The perfect job for you is out there! Here's how we help you find it:

  • access the hidden job market; as many as 50% of job openings are never public
  • receive 1-on-1 advice from an IT recruiter 
  • we have relationships with many of Canada's best-known companies
  • we emphasize finding a job that matches your goals and personality 
  • help with your resume and interview skills
  • the majority of our tech jobs are permanent
  • our services are completely free to job seekers

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When you're searching for a job, you have a list of expectations. As professional IT recruiters, we understand what's important to you, and have the tools and negotiation skills to uncover jobs that check off all your most important must-haves. Here's the factors tech professionals say are most important to them when seeking new opportunities:

important to job seekers

income potential100%
job security96%
work/life balance95%
working for an innovative company66%
ability to drive digital change63%

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Uncover job opportunities in your field that fit with your technical skills and your personality. We want to help you find a job that aligns with your personality and unique career goals. Need assistance finding the perfect role? Connect with us to be paired with an IT recruiter who will help you carve out your career path.

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As Canadian leaders in IT recruitment, we know that people are the key to successful businesses. We understand that you're more than just a job application. Your individual needs, goals and personality must be addressed to find a job where you'll be fulfilled and make a real impact.

We work with hundreds of Canada's top employers. Let us connect you with innovative companies where you'll be able to build a dynamic career that puts your technical skills to use, while also achieving personal growth. Whether you're looking for a temporary or permanent position, regardless of your experience level and skills, we uncover opportunities that are a perfect fit for you.

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These are the skills employers in the tech field are looking for most. New and emerging tech skills, like cloud computing and big data are in especially high demand. Randstad's expert IT recruiters can show you how to highlight the skills that will get you the job you want, at a company that you'll be proud to work at. Contact us to be paired with a tech recruiter who can help you jumpstart your career.

in demand IT skills

Big Data22%
Desktop App11%

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