• how representation in science and engineering matters with farah alibay
    a conversation with farah alibay
    Farah Alibay
  • diving into confidence and leadership with isabelle hudon
    a conversation with isabelle hudon

  • navigating identity, authenticity, and womanhood with chris bergeron
    a conversation with chris bergeron
  • shattering the glass ceiling in engineering with gina cody
    a conversation with gina cody
    gina cody
  • examining biases in scientific spaces with lisa willis
    a conversation with lisa willis
    lisa willis
  • breaking with tradition and pushing progress with sylvia apostolidis
    a conversation with sylvia apostolidis
    sylvia apostolidis

  • turning the tide in the business world with malina kaija
    a conversation with malina kaija
    Malina Kaija
  • challenging the rules in traditional spaces with lydia saullo
    a conversation with lydia saullo
    Lydia Saullo
  • teaching girls to change the world with sheri allain
    a conversation with sheri allain
    Sheri Allain
  • championing innovation and diversity in STEM with saadia muzaffar
    a conversation with saadia muzaffar
    Saadia Muzaffar

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