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Our #WomenWhoInnovate podcast series features bold, smart and inspiring women who transform their workplace or industry. Listen to their stories.

  • shattering the glass ceiling in engineering with gina cody

    marie-noëlle morency january 28, 2020 00:38:48

    Gina has been interested in engineering since her early childhood in Iran. In 1989, she became the first woman to earn a PhD in building engineering from Concordia University. Since then, she’s paved the way for many young women in her industry. In 2018, to celebrate her achievements, Concordia’s faculty of engineering and computer science was renamed the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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  • navigating identity, authenticity, and womanhood with chris bergeron

    jennifer hargreaves january 28, 2020 00:23:09

    When Chris began her transition 5 years ago, her life changed radically. It was eye-opening to realize how many biases she had to face as a woman. Despite the obstacles that still affect her on a daily basis, Chris is living her life as a transgender woman to the fullest. As a sought-after public speaker, she frequently shares her story and experiences as a transgender woman in advertising.

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  • examining biases in scientific spaces with lisa willis

    jennifer hargreaves january 28, 2020 00:17:19

    Fascinated by how the human body works from an early age, Lisa thought she would become a doctor. In university, she turned to studying microbiology. In this episode, she discusses how biases manifest in scientific fields like math, STIM, engineering, as well as how women are held to higher standards than men at the executive level.

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  • breaking with tradition and pushing progress with sylvia apostolidis

    jennifer hargreaves january 28, 2020 00:21:25

    Sylvia explains how her traditional Greek upbringing shaped her desire for diversity and inclusion. At an early age, she recognized her brother was treated differently than she and her sisters were. Frustrated with the slow rate workplace diversity and inclusion were progressing at, she decided to found The Jasmar Group, a behavioural change consultancy firm.

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