where tech jobs are headed in 2020

Canada's tech industry is booming and that trend is set to continue well into 2020. The past year brought good things for the Canadian tech sector; IT was named Canada's fastest growing industry yet again. Cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are now well-established as leaders in a variety of tech disciplines including AI, clean tech and cloud computing. This rapid expansion has earned Canada's tech sector the title of fastest growing IT job market in the world, beating out Bay Area (aka Silicon Valley). While the rapid growth of Canada's tech scene is making it a challenge for employers to access the talent they need, it's only good news for IT professionals who find their skills are in intense demand. If you have tech skills (in particular the ability to code in popular languages such as Java, Python or various C-based languages) you'll have your pick of employers in many of Canada's largest cities!


the best tech jobs in 2020

In 2020, developers take the top spot holding on from last year. Project manager has moved up a spot from third to second, and quality assurance has moved up to third from fourth. Senior software engineer, network administrator and technical support are new entries for 2020. This year's list reflects the diversity of the IT sector and the varied skills and specialties found in the field.

top job titles in IT

  • 1. developer / programmer

    It should be no surprise to see developer jobs holding steady at the top of the pack in 2020. Coding and programming skills remain in high demand across the board. Full stack developers with a range of front and back end skills are especially sought after. As for the top developer skills: Java, Python and .net are among the top specialties employers look for.

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  • 2. IT project manager

    IT project managers are a constant on the list of top IT jobs in Canada. Project manager has even risen up one spot since last year, showing just how strong the demand for project managers is in tech. Project managers with PMP, PMI or agile certifications are particularly sought after.

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  • 3. quality assurance analyst

    Quality assurance jobs are a staple on the best jobs in Canada list, moving up one spot to crack the top 3 most in demand tech jobs. Quality assurance analysts play the important role of mitigating risk for their employer. They ensure that software is bug-free, user-friendly, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

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  • 4. data analyst

    Data is a crucial component of running a business in 2020. That's good news for data analysts who are tasked with making sense of the huge amounts of data organizations collect. Data analyst appears on the list of best IT jobs for the second time in 2020. As businesses increasingly rely on data, expect the demand for data analysts to continue to grow.

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  • 5. IT business analyst

    Though business analysts are found in many verticals, IT business analysts who specialize in tech and software analysis are in especially high demand in 2020. As businesses rely heavily on internal and external software, business analysts are needed to shape and optimize business systems and software to make them as effective as possible.

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  • 6. senior software engineer

    Though developers and coding skills in general are in demand (see the top spot) there's an especially intense demand at the senior level. Employers are looking for candidates who already have a lot of experience, rather than hiring and developing their own junior and intermediate software engineers.

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  • 7. network administrator

    Network administrator is a new entry on the 2020 list of best IT jobs. Network administrators oversee their employer's IT network and setup. They manage servers and internal and external network equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly for both employees and customers.

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  • 8. technical support specialist

    Technical support is new on the 2020 best job list for IT, replacing help desk. Where there is technology (which is pretty much everywhere these days!) support is needed when things go wrong. Technical support professionals who can maintain a balance between tech-savviness and customer support are desperately needed in 2020.

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IT salaries in canada in 2020

The IT industry offers some of the most competitive salaries in Canada. The average annual salary in 2020 is $81,750 the same as last year. The bottom 10% of earners in the tech field make less than $55,000, whereas the top 10% of earners in tech see their salary surpass $140,000. Both of these numbers are up significantly, as the demand for skilled tech talent continues to grow exponentially.

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the best tech skills to have in 2020

The top skill for yet another year is Java. Linux and JavaScript round out the top 3 also holding onto their positions from last year. As expected, the most in demand skills are coding related. If you know how to code, you're in a strong position in the candidate-driven tech job market.

top IT skills in 2020

  • 1. java

    As we dive into 2020, Java remains the undisputed king of programming languages and is the top skill employers look for in IT for another consecutive year. If you work in software development, having solid Java coding skills is as close as you can get to an employment guarantee.

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  • 2. linux

    Open source operating system Linux holds steady on this year's list to reach the second spot. The high level of customization available makes it the operating system of choice for many developers. It's also the leading operating system for servers, mainframes and supercomputers.

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  • 3. javascript

    JavaScript remains a must-have skill for front end developers and is highly sought after by employers. It holds steady in the 3rd spot in 2020. Knowledge of popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as React, jQuery, Angular, Node.js and Vue.js will also help you get ahead.

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  • 4. SQL

    If you work with databases there's a good chance you use SQL or one of its iterations. SQL continues to be a staple employers look for, particularly in analyst and data-centric IT jobs.

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  • 5. python

    Though Python is known for being accessible to entry-level coders, it's nonetheless robust, making it a great language to have in your repertoire. Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages. According to some sources, Python is posed to overtake Java as the most common object-oriented programming language used by professional developers in the near future.

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  • 6. C# / .NET

    Developed by Microsoft, C# and the .NET framework have become staples in the programmer toolbox. They're known for being the language and framework of choice for Microsoft products (which should come as no surprise, since they created them!). For anyone who wants to create Windows applications, C# and .NET are handy to know. Other popular applications of C languages include gaming, automation, and web applications.

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  • 7. C / C++

    C is one of the oldest and most influential coding languages ever created, having influenced Java, C# and many others. It remains popular in its own right, and is still a good programming language to have in your coding repertoire. C++ is known as a more challenging language to work with, so having C++ expertise is sometimes considered prestigious and the mark of an experienced developer.

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  • 8. agile

    The agile methodology has been growing in popularly in tech circles for years. Agile is built on the premise that short-intense bursts of coding and small, frequently pushed updates are more effective than long development cycles and infrequent but large-scale updates. If you want to showcase your compatibility with the agile methodology, scrum, the most well-known framework within the Agile family, has a popular certification. 

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best IT certifications to have in 2020

Cisco's network certifications claim the title of the most in demand IT certifications for 2020, holding the top 2 spots. Project management also continues to be an in demand skill in IT, so it's no surprise to see the PMP certification round out the top 3. Overall, the top IT certifications in 2020 are diverse, covering a range of IT specialties and skills.

top certifications

  • 1. cisco certified network associate (CCNA)

    Cisco's associate level certification is the most in demand certification of 2020, partly due to its versatility. Cisco offers a variety of specializations including industrial networking, network security and many others, so you can hone in on one area that interests you most.

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  • 2. cisco certified network professional (CCNP)

    Cisco's professional-level certification is a step above the associate certification that takes the top spot on this list. Having this certification marks you as an expert in your selected field. Just like the associate level certification, you can select from a variety of specializations such as industrial networking, network security and many others.

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  • 3. project management professional (PMP)

    When it comes to demonstrating your expertise as a project manager it doesn't get any better than a project management professional (PMP) certification. It's the undisputed industry standard worldwide and offered by the Project Management Institute.

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  • 4. certified information systems security professional (CISSP)

    CISSP is the premier certification in information security. If you need proof: it's trusted by the impenetrable NSA. It's immensely popular and built on 30 years of IT security expertise, making it one of the oldest and most-trusted certifications in IT. If you want to work in the fast-growing IT security field, this is the certification you need.

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  • 5. HP AIS certifications

    HP's certifications are well-respected and cover a variety of specialties including servers, storage, networking, infrastructure, security, cloud, and other fields. The HP certifications also come in 4 levels: foundational, professional, expert and master. The higher you climb up this chain, the more in demand you'll be.

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  • 6. microsoft certified solutions expert (MCSE)

    Obtaining an MCSE marks your skill in designing and building advanced solutions using Microsoft technology. Microsoft's MCSE is one of the most well-established and reputable certifications in IT. There are several MCSE specialties you can obtain including business applications, cloud platforms, data management, mobility and productivity. 

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  • 7. amazon web services (AWS) certifications

    Amazon's web and cloud-based services are massively popular among businesses. With over 1 million enterprise customers, expect AWS certifications to be in demand for the foreseeable future. Though AWS is best known for its cloud solutions, the AWS platform has certifications for a variety of  specialties including cloud, SysOps, DevOps, big data, networking, security and others.

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  • 8. certified information systems auditor (CISA)

    With the growing importance of data security, CISA is a great certification to have. CISA focuses on management-level IT security and indicates you're able to plan, execute and maintain enterprise security solutions.

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