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Canada’s tech industry is a major economic driver and will continue to expand, surpassing many sectors along the way. Since COVID-19, technology has become integrated into every aspect of our lives and economies. As the world moves closer towards a digital economy, technology-based companies have become essential to driving GDP, providing high-paying jobs and innovating a new world through continuous research and development of advanced technology. With a growing remote workforce, security companies will likely see benefits with IT spending increasing on cloud-based security tools, log management and VPNs as companies race to secure endpoints to protect proprietary information, employees, and customers. Due to isolation measures, consumers have developed new shopping habits accelerating the need to double-down on e-commerce efforts for all businesses of any size. Convenience, wide selection, and savings have stimulated online retail and will continue exponentially as e-commerce becomes even more popular and competitive. If you have skills in data security and e-commerce, you’ll have your pick of employers in many of Canada’s largest cities!

1. developer / software engineer

It should be no surprise to see developer jobs holding steady at the top of the pack in 2021. As employers look to upgrade their software and ecommerce capabilities in response to COVID-19, coding and programming skills remain in high demand across the board. Full stack developers with a range of front and back end skills are especially sought after. As for the top developer skills: Java, Python and .net are among the top specialties employers look for.

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2. IT project manager

IT project managers are a constant on the list of top IT jobs in Canada. Project managers with the skills to balance competing deadlines and budgets with solid technical IT knowledge are always in demand. In the tech space, project managers with PMP, PMI or Scrum Master certifications are particularly sought after.

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3. IT business analyst

Though business analysts are found in many verticals, IT business analysts who specialize in tech and software analysis are in especially high demand in 2021 as businesses look to make sound decisions using data and analytics. As businesses rely heavily on IT, business analysts are needed to shape and optimize business systems and software to make them as effective as possible.

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4. database analyst

Data is a crucial component of running a business in 2021. That's good news for data analysts who are tasked with making sense of the huge amounts of data organizations collect. As businesses increasingly rely on data to make decisions (especially during the pandemic when budgets are tight) expect the demand for database analysts to continue to grow.

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5. quality assurance analyst

Quality assurance jobs are a staple on the best IT jobs in Canada list. Though quality assurance analyst has moved down a few spots since last year, QA remains a key role in IT departments. Quality assurance analysts mitigate risk for their employer, which is especially critical during the pandemic. They ensure that software is bug-free, user-friendly, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

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6. security analysts & architects

With the massive amounts of personal information people share online, it’s no surprise that data security is a trending topic in 2021. With some notable data breaches at fortune 500 companies, consumers are scrutinizing corporate data security practices more closely. Security analysts find weaknesses in their employers’ systems and data collection processes and determine how to build architecture that safeguards customer data.

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7. business system analyst

Business system analyst is a new entry on the list of best IT jobs for 2021. Not to be confused with the broader business analyst role, business systems analysts focus on the creation and implementation of specific systems for their employer. Business analysts, on the other hand, focus more broadly on business requirements. Both are in demand, as employers seek out experts with the experience and insights to help them navigate the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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8. network engineer

Network engineer is a new entry on the 2021 list of best IT jobs. Network engineers oversee planning and upgrades for their employer's IT network and setup. With many corporate roles migrating to work remotely, networking is especially important. Network engineers manage servers and internal and external network equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly for both employees and customers.

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