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Randstad is the Canadian leader in HR solutions. With over 70 office locations across Canada, we help employers – from blue chip multinationals and consulting firms, to government and SMEs navigate the variety of HR solutions available. Our mission: support people and organizations in reaching their full potential. It's more than just a mission statement to us. These are words we live by every day. We're looking for people who want to be a part of it and help us make a difference in the world of work.

why join our staffing division?

Randstad Staffing is our largest and fastest-growing division in Canada and is also a door of entry to an amazing and very-promising career in the professional service industry. It’s an excellent place to start, whether you are looking for a career change or if you are just out of university. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you from your very first day. We're all about supporting our people and helping them develop a long and successful career path within Randstad.

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you love working on a team

You're searching for a place where you can build a career and make a real contribution through your work. You feel best when your job is meaningful to you and your team counts on you as much as you count on them. You thrive in a team-centric atmosphere with genuine camaraderie. When you experience ups and downs, you feel good knowing you're in it together with your team.

you appreciate work-life balance

Work-life balance is also a priority for you. Though you're committed to your job, it's important to you that you find balance and enjoy your down time, too. Thanks to the unwavering support of your team, you're able to make the most of both your work hours and your time off.

you're a people person through and through

You consider yourself naturally persuasive and working with people all day long sounds like your dream job. You have a deep understanding of people and the employer mindset and are all about problem-solving and finding solutions quickly and effectively. You have experience in a customer-centric field like sales, retail or a B2B setting. No HR or recruiting experience is necessary (though it's a bonus!)

you're performance driven

You're an enthusiastic, outgoing people-person, and always ready to tackle a new challenge to keep things interesting. You're in your element when interacting with people and closing deals. Your work is challenging and there's always a sense of urgency but that's what keeps you motivated.

about our roles

Learn about our roles to see which is right for you:

perks of working at randstad

  • 3 weeks of vacation from your first day

    We're firm believers that downtime is important to perform at an optimal level. So every new employee gets 3 weeks of vacation when they start. After 2 years of service, it increases to 4 weeks annually, and after 5 years of service, you get 5 weeks per year!

  • summer half days and balance days

    Achieving a healthy work-life balance is important to us. Every summer, employees receive 2 half days to enjoy the too short Canadian summers. All employees also receive a generous allotment of balance days and personal days to take care of personal commitments and live a happy, balanced life. 

  • awesome work-life balance

    We work hard, but we also know how important it is to take time for yourself. Our team is all about finding that balance and leading a healthy lifestyle. We make sure to integrate lots of social time into our days - bonding with coworkers is important to us. We even have Treat Thursdays and Beer Fridays to make sure we don't forget to socialize!

  • opportunities to work from home

    Technology has made it possible to work from anywhere. We make it as easy as possible for our employees to take advantage of this. Many employees choose to work from home one day a week or more. We offer tools such as company laptops and phones to make this transition simple.

  • we've won 'best workplace' awards

    Randstad is frequently named one of the best places to work in Canada. We've won awards from Great Place to Work and Glassdoor, among others. We've also won awards for being a great workplace for millennials, women and cultural diversity.

  • 8 hours of paid volunteer time

    Giving back is an important part of our identity at Randstad. Each year we host charitable initiatives such as our annual Randstad Charity Auction and Ride for Myriam, an employee-led cycling event to support cancer research. All employees are also given 8 hours of no-strings-attached paid time off to spend volunteering for a cause that's close to their heart.

  • health and dental benefits

    All our employees are able to take advantage of our group insurance plan through Sun Life. The plan includes health, dental and vision coverage, as well as a flexible health spending account for other health-related expenses.

  • RRSP matching

    Saving for retirement has never been easier. Take advantage of automatic payroll deductions to make saving for your future a priority. Randstad offers matching of up to 80% of your contributions.

  • stock purchase plan

    Randstad's Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) allows you to invest in Randstad via automatic payroll deductions of up to 5% of your salary. Randstad matches 50% of your investment, so you're all but guaranteed to make a good return on your money.

  • quarterly performance bonuses

    Randstad Canada pays out bonuses every three months, tied to your personal performance and overall company performance. If company benchmarks are met or exceeded, you'll earn a bonus calculated based on your earnings for the quarter.

  • company phone provided

    In the digital era, we understand how important having reliable technology is. A company phone allows you freedom to work from wherever you want. All salespeople are given an iPhone and company-paid cell plan.

who we're looking for

We're all about establishing a positive, productive, and team-focused dynamic in all our branches. To establish this balance, we look for candidates who:

• exemplify team spirit
• thrive when presented with a challenge
• have experience in sales, retail or a B2B setting
• are familiar with the challenges employers face on a daily basis
• learn and adapt easily

We work with promising candidates to find the right job fit, providing training to adapt your skills to the recruitment industry.

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