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Although we are still in the midst of managing the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s provincial governments have started to address the matter of the recovery of economic activity, recently adding sectors to the list of those that were still in operation since the beginning of the pandemic. It is notably the case for residential construction (including this sector’s supply chain), garages and mechanical shops, garden centres, plant nurseries and landscaping services, as well as mines, which have resumed their activities while complying with physical distancing measures.

As for businesses from other industry segments, they are starting to think about how to help their employees return to work when they are authorized to reopen their locations. However, they must focus on a key issue: finding the right balance between ensuring their employees’ safety, and resuming operations. In this context, what can they do to guarantee a safe work environment?

Jacques van den Broek

open letter.

As the CEOs of three leading HR services companies we are joining forces to enable companies and workers to return to work safely when the time is right.

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safely back to work in the new normal

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business readiness

While the government has begun relaxing certain measures regarding some lines of business that had been paused until now, your employees may feel nervous about the idea of their upcoming return to their job location.

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safe return to work

Once governments and local authorities determine it’s safe for businesses to reopen, organizations will need to develop a thorough health and safety plan that takes COVID-19 into consideration. 

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industry best practices

Workplaces can contribute to the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. Therefore, it is essential to put in place measures adapted specifically for workplaces to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 between employees and customers when you reopen.

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services and insights

Returning to work after COVID-19 will be a complex undertaking for many employers. The pandemic isn’t behind us just yet, but proactive planning can help you ensure a smooth and steady comeback.

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