strategic planning to reopen businesses safely.

To date, the COVID-19 health crisis has led to lockdowns for 2.7 billion workers around the world. That’s approximately 81% of the world’s workforce. The economic impact of such a widespread disruption is unlike anything ever experienced in modern history. Every day that businesses remain closed represents lost income that will never be recovered for workers and companies. Understandably, organizations are eager to return to work and establish a new post-COVID-19 normal.

Before that can happen, there are several factors that must be considered. Most importantly, the government and public health experts must determine that it’s safe to reopen. Once we reach that point, businesses may begin to reopen. A rock-solid plan for doing so is non-negotiable. Businesses must be strategic in determining when and how they reopen. Being too hasty or neglecting to take the required safety precautions could lead to an even more devastating second wave of COVID-19. When people’s lives and income streams are at risk, it’s critical that businesses carefully evaluate the risks of reopening and take every precaution to minimize further instability.

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Randstad prepared these resources to share best practices to get back to work safely. The information in this document is intended as a guideline only. Please do additional research and consult with experts before making decisions for your business.